Android Applications to Freshen Up Your Routine for Free

Why do you crib about boring life when you have variety of applications to make your routine amazing? Come on, there are so many applications out there to get you the best experience. you can ensure that you have the best apps to enhance your experience and make your days wonderful.

Read on to find out the types of applications everybody should own. After all, this is an era of contentment and you should experience it too. the apps you would come across in this post are free of cost and are for android users. you would love them for sure. dive through these apps and you would not be disappointed at all.

Video downloading app Vidmate

Once you do Vidmate download you literally get access to limitless videos, clips and movies. you would get to stream them and download them too. the speed of this app is pretty amazing. Also, the app gets you the chance to download the videos and movies from manifold platforms like Facebook, Tumble, Dailymotion, YouTube, Metacafe and many other. You would also experience the best time once you use the app because the user interface is easy too. you would also get the ease to use the app for getting the needed format and resolution. Hence, you enjoy a wonderful time for sure.

How to download HD videos with Vidmate?


Novel Effect: Read Books Aloud

If you think that your child is not loving the idea of reading books, then make it interesting for him. Yes, just go for this app and they would love it. Novel Effect would bring the books to life and it does so by adding music and sound effects. The app aims at young children to ensure that the kids love reading books with music and tones in the background. Theirs is also a tiny selection of free eBooks encompassed in Novel Effect, encompassing some classics like that of The Tale of Peter Rabbit. In the long run it can inspire your child to become a writer with the help of book writing services.

More than 200 books and poems are supported having more regularly added, and there are even links out there to buy many of the supported books. But in case your child has got a physical copy or an eBook in a diverse format that works too, the reader just has to tell the app what book he or she is going to read and then begin to read.

My Possible Self

The app tries to improve your mental health and diminish the symptoms of stress, anxiety and even low moods in even eight weeks. You can experience a great difference for your mental health. The app includes 10 modules devoted to improving different factors of mental health. Each module possesses a number of justly substantial ‘sessions’, formed up of tips, examples and even exercises to assist you in managing your stress or staying positive.  The app also has mood tracker and it allows you to fill in how you feel every day and witness a graph of your moods over time.


So, you should check out these apps for sure for bringing a breath of fresh air in your life. Get 9apps third party play store to download all these apps for free and without any hassle.