Today Qustodio are officially launching Your Places, the new geofencing feature for parents to define their favourite places in order to be notified whenever a member of the family arrives or leaves their proximities.

All Premium users will now be able to see:

  • Find kid’s most recent whereabouts and location on the map.
  • Define and save kid’s frequently visited locations.
  • Get notified on your mobile whenever your kids come and go.

Why is it important to parents?

Because it’s been a long requested feature and it will let them be aware of the whereabouts of their children.

Why is it important to everyone?

Perhaps you hadn’t considered location tracking before or thought of it as too intrusive, especially for teens. We’re parents too, and have the same concerns as you, which is why we always have our panel of parenting experts on hand to advise us!

Qustodio Parental Control: Introducing Your Places

One of the app ambassadors, licensed Clinical Psychologist Nicole Beurkens, Ph.D. offered her opinion on how parents should use this type of technology to their best advantage:

“Qustodio’s Family Locator feature helps parents ensure their children’s physical and digital safety while also fostering a sense of responsibility and independence. It does this by letting parents monitor their child’s location when they are younger and instilling them with habits that will stick with them as they grow up. By the teen years, parents can be more confident about removing the feature to allow for more freedom without constant monitoring. As a psychologist and a parent, it’s this flexibility of the feature, its ability to adapt to all ages and stages of digital resilience, that I appreciate most.”

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