Today, we all rely on our devices. We use them to stay connected, show our appreciation, shop, order food, keep fit, and even more. COVID-19 made most businesses go online. And to establish an online business, a mobile app is essential. If you are also thinking of making a mobile app, you should use the latest technology stack for app development.

So the question is, what are the leading technologies used in mobile app development today? Well, in this article I am going to answer this question. I will be sharing some of the top technologies that modernize the mobile development industry.

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So here we go:

Five technologies used in mobile app development today


Flutter is one of the leading technologies used rapidly in the mobile development industry. Flutter is an open-source mobile app development SDK created by Google.

With this SDK’s help, you will create high quality, cross-platform native interfaces for both iOS and Android platforms.

Moreover, Flutter uses Dart to help mobile app developers build native interfaces. Dart is one of the newest programming languages.

Along with that, Flutter has excellent flexibility in app development. Hence, it has become one of the widely used mobile app development technologies.

If you plan to build cross-platform apps and not create different apps for different platforms, you should consider using Flutter.


Java is one of the oldest programming languages available out there. But it is still relevant and being actively used in mobile app development.

Java is an object-oriented programming language. It is the official Android development language. The thing about Java is that it is effortless to handle, and it has numerous open-source libraries. So developing apps with Java would not be an issue for you.

Moreover, Java also offers you documentation and community support. As a result, with Java, you can create any mobile app you would like. Also, the popular messaging app Telegram is also built on Java.


Next, there is Python. Python is also one of the most popular programming languages available out there. Python is widely used in different fields.

Even the best part of Python is that it is extremely easy to learn and deploy. You can use Python for developing scalable web apps.

You should also know that popular apps and sites like YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and others are created with Python’s help.

Furthermore, the language also offers you excellent library support. Plus, it is backed by a great community. So finding answers to questions or solving errors would not be an issue for you.


Up next, there is the Swift. This one is also an open-source programming language used by Apple. It means, if you wish to build native iOS apps, then Swift is the technology you have to use.

The best part of this programming language is that it adopts a safe programming pattern and adds modern features to make the programming more flexible and comfortable.

The language is used in apps like Lyft, Linked In, Hipmunk, and many others developed or upgraded in the iOS version using Swift.

5.React Native

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In the end, I have React Native. React Native is also one of the top mobile development frameworks in today’s time. It is an open-source framework developed by Facebook. With the help of this technology, you will create cross-platform native mobile apps using JavaScript. Also, it is considered as an alternative to flutter.

Moreover, with the help of React Native, you will be able to develop cross-platform apps with the look, feel, and function exactly like native apps. It is pretty easy to find mobile app development services that use React Native.

Also, to give you a few examples, AirBnB, UberEats, Facebook Ads Manager, Instagram, and many other apps are developed using React Native.

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Final Words

So those were the five technologies used in mobile app development today. Now it is your call to go ahead and check the technologies out and select the best technology for your mobile app development. Also, if there is anything you would like to ask, then comment below.