The year 2022 has seen a lot of different changes throughout the globe. In the UK, people have completely altered their way of living due to the changes brought on by the pandemic. For office employees, there’s been a lot more working from home. Businesses continue to adjust to the changes required by the Government.

In general, there are mixed feelings about remote work. Some employees love working from home and others would rather be in a social setting at the office.

However, this isn’t the first time a lot of employees worked from home. However, for many, it was a temporary thing. The changes brought on by the pandemic have made this switch seemingly permanent for many. This means a lot of people needed and continue to need to make adjustments.

If you’ve recently had to make this type of switch from working in an office to working at home, you’re likely going to want to continue reading. This article will detail some of the most important tools you will want to invest in to make your transition a much easier one.

1. Headphones


Whenever you find yourself working remotely, you’re going to want to have a high-quality pair of headphones you can use. When not in the office, you’ll need to communicate with the rest of your team. Because of this, you’ll find yourself using a lot of virtual meeting apps like Zoom, Teams, Skype, and even Slack. Thus, you’re going to need a headset to take your work calls and meetings. Headphones can be a good investment for this because it’s going to help you keep work stuff private. It will also keep your microphone from picking up an echo. Not to mention, headphones can be a great way to listen to some background music to avoid getting distracted from other people living in your home.

2. Wireless Charger


A wireless charger is another must-have for anyone that is looking to create an optimal office environment in their home. A wireless charger can be a great addition to your home’s work desk. It’s a good way to keep your smartphone fully charged throughout the workday without having to add more clutter to your desk space. Having a lot of chargers and wires spread around can cause distraction and unnecessary clutter. Best of all, wireless chargers typically double as a phone stand. That way, you can keep your phone in an upright position allowing you to see when notifications come in.

3. Portable Chargers


If you aren’t someone that sits around all day at the desk and you would prefer to move around a bit, you’re going to want a charging solution that can stay with you on the go. The largest portable charger you can buy is a good investment for someone that moves around a lot. These power chargers come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. You can even find portable chargers with your company’s branding on them if you are supplying them to your workforce. Branding can be a good way to show your employees you care about them and to generate more brand awareness too.

4. USB Sticks

usb drive

A USB stick can be one of the most essential products to get for all of the employees at the office. If you are running a business remotely, you’ll need portable storage solutions. A USB stick is exactly that. It will allow you and your employees to store critical data and move it around from computer to computer. This can help employees bring data home and even to other workstations. You can browse our full range of different options when it comes to USB sticks. We have different storage amounts and more.