The innovations and up-gradation of technology have given rise to many of the useful devices and one of them is soundbars. When you are having any device which is not producing you, your desired sound quality or outcomes, you may use any brand soundbars which can help you solve your this problem. The best part about soundbars is that it is available in many affordable prices for all the interested customers. Thus you can buy your own soundbars under $200 via online stores and the offline market as well.

It is one of the best devices which you can use for upgrading your televisions, built-in speakers. Moreover, it is most useful in such televisions where the speakers are offering a really low level of sound. Sound bars are not only helpful in increasing the television sound but it is also useful in many other connecting devices like when you want to play anything on computers, laptops, DVD players, etc. Well, sound bars are highly demanded products in the market today and many people are already using it worldwide. But for those who are planning to buy sound bars and don’t know much about it, then this article is right for you.

So in this article further you are going to know about soundbars under $200 in detail. In addition to this, you will understand all about sound bars which will help you buy the right sound bars for you.

Sound bars


It is a type of audio system that is simple but a compact all-rounder loud speaker. It delivers high quality of sounds and is used when you want to add more bass in the music or audio you are playing. Its working involves projecting the audios from wide enclosure. Talking about the size of the sound bars, they are wider in dimension for a reason. Its wider size makes it easy to be placed below or above the display device you are connecting the soundbars too. For instance when it is connected with television sets, home theaters, set or computers then they are positioned in such a way above or below them which makes them look well settled and aesthetically pleasing.

Furthermore, sound bars or soundbars are also commonly called as media bars since it plays the media files which you select. Since the sound bars are short and wide, thus its side space assists in creating stereo sound effects at the same time-saving space for you in your rooms in which the sound bars are placed. In addition to this, the sound channels may differ according to each type. For instance, a 2.1 sound bar offers 2 channels at left and right in the device likewise sound bars 5.1 offers 5 channels, etc.

Sound bars are used for many reasons thus know the 3 most important things about it before finalizing your sound bars in the further section of this article-

Know where to place it before buying it- measurements

Know where to place it before buying it- measurements

The first and foremost thing which you should not be confused about sound bars before buying is about the size of the sound bars you want. Since, it comes in variant shape, size, the structure thus you should know which size suits your needs the best. There are sound bars that can be directly mounted on the walls and then there are sound bars which can be put above or beneath your devices. Thus measure the space where you are going to place your favorite media bars. This point is important because there is no use of such investment which you don’t know where to place in your house or office.

Check the feature like Bluetooth connectivity

In this modern era with modern devices, everything can be easily connected with Bluetooth. Thus when you are looking for sound bars in variant brands you should also check the capabilities of the sound bars or features it is offering. It is important because when you are having Bluetooth connectivity things will become quite easy for you. You can straightforwardly now connect your sound bars with any device like a smartphone, tablets, etc. Moreover, it is a much convenient option to play music in your parties via sound bars as it offers a really loud sound quality in some simple steps.

Are your sound-bars are coming with subwoofers?

Are your sound-bars are coming with subwoofers?

Subwoofers are simply the speaker driver which is dedicated for the purpose of reproducing low-frequency audios like the sound of a bomb explosion, helicopter blades, rumbling bass, etc. Such subwoofers will add more quality to the sound of the audio and are very impactful when you are playing any action movies or movies that have some epic music effects etc. Thus some sound bars come with subwoofer and in order cases; you have to purchase them separately.

Thus look upon for such sound bars which can fulfill all the above-mentioned requirements which are very basic and must be there in each sound bars you select. Now let us know some of the best soundbars which you can easily purchase under $200.

Soundbars under 200$

1. LG SL5Y 2.1

It is one of the best sound bars which can be purchased under $200 very easily. Moreover it offers some of the best specifications like-

• 2.1 sound channel
• 400W power
• wireless Bluetooth connection
• HDMI, optical –setup options
• 16.6 lbs in weight
• ideal for converting your rooms into theaters

2. ZVOX Accu Voice AV200

ZVOX Accu Voice AV200

It is a very trustworthy manufacturer of sound bars and it is one of the widely used and purchased sound bars all over the world. Some of the specifications and features of this amazing sound bars are mentioned below:

• it will cost you under $179 – $200
• it has a built-in hearing aid technology
• weight around 3 lbs
• it offers some of the excellent setup options like- stereo mini to mini cable, optical digital cable, HDMI, stereo mini to RCA cable, etc
• 24W power output
• the patented technology is being used for creating crystal clear voices

Thus get your favorite Soundbars under $200 today without any further delay.