There are usually two options that constantly come back when we talk about online marketing: SEO and PPC. They both have similarities but are extremely different at the same time. Both depend majorly on search engine traffic, but one method is paid while the other one is more organic. Before you concentrate on one method over the other, let’s take a look at who can benefit the most from each and when it could be a good idea to use both.

Who Can Benefit From SEO?

Well, we can’t really think of anyone who can’t benefit from SEO. The real question is how much you should invest into SEO as a business.

If you own any sort of online real estate, you have to think about SEO. There is no reason for you to be leaving free traffic on the table because you didn’t do the bare minimum to get indexed by search engines. Having the fundamentals of SEO down is extremely important no matter what type of business you own, and we would suggest that you learn them right now before you even start one.

If you’re looking for a place to start, you can check out blogs on SEO like YourTopBlog. They explain everything you need to know about creating a site that will be attractive both to search engines and human visitors. You’ll also learn some of the mistakes to avoid and how to build a website on a solid SEO foundation.


Who Can Benefit the Most From PPC?

PPC is usually better for people who have something tangible to sell or can clearly identify the dollar value of a visitor. We can think of people who are trying to gather or sell leads, for instance.

If you can get a good idea of the percentage of people who click on your ads and turn into leads, how many of these leads convert, and the lifetime value of each customer, then you will be able to tell exactly if the bids you’re proposing on keywords make sense to you.

Who Shouldn’t Use PPC?

If you’re trying to build an audience for something like a blog, for instance, then we wouldn’t recommend PPC. You’ll get a lot of soft visits and will have a lot of difficulties tracking the real impact of your campaigns.

PPC is also not recommended for affiliate marketing, especially if you intend to send traffic directly to offers. Not only do many PPC networks not allow affiliate links, but you’ll most likely lose money too. If you want to make money as an affiliate with PPC, you will have a much greater chance with a squeeze page or a valuable piece of online real estate like a review site.

SEO and PPC are both powerful on their own, but they are even more powerful if you can use them together. Look at both options in detail and see how you could use them in your business.