If you have a passion for poetry, then you will likely have a burning desire to share your own work (or the work of great poets past and present) with as many interested people as possible.

This can appear a steep challenge, especially in a digital age that largely rewards instant gratification and short-form content over deeper, more creative forms of writing, such as poetry. 

There is no doubt that this is a difficult hurdle to overcome, especially if you are an unknown poet (or poetry enthusiast) who is looking to attract an audience. However, despite the fast-paced nature of digital content creation, there are actually a few mediums that reward a more in-depth subject, such as poetry. Podcasting is undoubtedly one of the most popular of these mediums and particularly suits the reading or discussion of poetry.

Indeed, while poetry has been around since the beginning of civilization, it arguably needs combining with a popular digital medium like podcasting in order to find a fresh audience and stay relevant. 

This is why podcasting and poetry are a compelling combination:

How do you create a podcast?

The first matter to address when combining poetry and podcasting is how you go about creating your own podcast. 

It is best to seek a Complete guide on “how to start a podcast”, which can inform you on the various steps involved. 

It might sound complicated, but the truth is that starting your own podcast is a relatively simple process.

You should start by deciding the format of your show. It could, for example, be centered around your own poetry or act as a platform for aspiring poets to share their work. Alternatively, you could discuss poetry with other experts or interview famous poets. 

Once you have settled on a particular format, the next step is to invest in a good quality microphone and a platform to share your show on. Of course, you could also use a specialist podcasting company to help you edit and upload your show.

Best Microphone for YouTube

How can a podcast be good for your poetry?

A podcast might seem anathema if you have dreamed of creating your own poetry and being regarded as a respected writer. After all, poetry is about deep thought and artistry rather than outright content creation.

However, like famous poets of the past, it is important to adapt your art in order to meet modern tastes and requirements.

Rather than treat this as a burden, you could regard it as a golden opportunity. It has never been easier to build your own brand as apoet, and podcasting is a fantastic tool to use in order to grow your audience. This is because it offers you an inexpensive platform from which to read, discuss, and share poetry while maintaining your integrity as an artist.

There has never been a better time to become a poet

This might sound contentious, but once you delve below the surface of the digital landscape, it makes a great deal of sense.

There has never been a time in history when the world has been as empowered to create content, whether it is written, spoken, pictorial, or cinematic. 

In eras gone by, it was only the select few who were able to publish their poetry, whereas it is now free to publish your work online in a variety of formats. It is important to make the most of this opportunity in order to further your career as a poet or share the work of others.