Sono’s sound quality was already considered good and they have been providing innovative models. With their recent launch of Sonos One, they have combined the agility of Alexa and the satisfying sound quality of sono. The built is great with a supported AirPlay 2. They cost more though but their sound quality and Alexa combination is really remarkable and worth it. One disappointment is that the google assistant is MIA. If you can compromise with the google assistant, you will be very happy with Sonos One.

Sonos One

With a new revolutionary design, you get the smart Alexa and high class sound in a speaker now. It indeed is a very smart model and you don’t have to choose between google assistant or siri or Alexa, because it has all three of them. Though Amazon and google will be making better smart speakers soon, Sonos One has provided a better ecosystem. Let’s take a good look at the pros and cons of these new smart speaker to see whether they will be a good buy this year or not.


Design –

The basic design of the speaker is similar to Play: 1 speaker by sono. There is a touch sensitive surface on the top of the speaker. The design is very sleek and attractive. You can feel them being a future device. By swiping on the touch surface present on the top, you can change the track from your playlist and tapping on the center of the screen will play or pause the music. The volume can be controlled by tapping on the left and right sides of the touch sensitive area. Voice control is available as well. You can easily buy this device online using Paytm Referral with great deals.

There are six microphones fitted in the Sonos One and it can easily listen to your voice. This way, it makes them very convenient. Give it voice commands and let it entertain you. The top of the smart speaker has a LED that indicates power. Adjacent to it is a light which gets turned on when Alexa is being used.

Sound Quality –

The speakers are very good and sound amazing. They are powerful and every song you play on it seems fantastic. Even the complex tracks seem so perfect. The vocals are clear and every layer of the music is audible. You won’t complain about the quality of the sound if you buy Sonos One. If you have more speakers by sono, these smart speaker will automatically pair with them and the sound gets increased eventually. This is definitely one of those great sounding and decent speakers for their price. A total packaged miniature component sounded like a bigger speaker model.

Setup of Sonos One  –

Initial step included the installation of the applications of Alexa and sonos and you will have to sign in to your Amazon and sonos account. Another process is the true play tuning and you will be required to carry the phone with you in your room as the speaker will play some test sounds. This will help in its tuning.

You can always change the bass and treble level manually later. Integrate it with your Spotify account and enjoy your favourite playlists. Use voice command and change tracks and playlist without actually opening your phone. Spotify is the most popular music application and its integration makes this speaker outstanding. You can connect the speaker with other music platforms as well. It would have been better if the speaker has google assistant. Sonos has promised that they will launch a modified version with it very soon.

Sonos One can be connected to other sonos speakers, as told already, but it fails to connect to the Sonos Play:1 despite they are very similar. You can connect it to other speakers and enhance the audio. In addition to this if you are looking job for technical officer then it could be bets chance to try it.

Conclusion –

If you are looking for a smart and high quality Alexa speaker, Sonos One is the perfect choice right now. Also, because it can successfully connect to the sonos multi room lineup, it is a smarter option indeed. As they will introduce the google assistant upgrade, it will keep on getting better with the years. This product is a revolution in the smart speaker industry. The market price of Sonos One is around INR 26000. You can find some color options as well and there might be slight price difference as per the color selection. With a durable built and smarter features, this model is a good buy this year indeed. Sound quality is surely impressive as well, in addition to Spotify integration feature.