Large corporations are deploying chatbots instead of marketing personnel to achieve digitalmarketing objectives.

From the organization’s point of view, the chatbots are much easier to manage and have a much better return on investment. According to, many businesses are using chat applications to improve customer relations and interaction.

Consumers are much more comfortable interacting with chatbots. A conversation with a chatbot purveys a level of confidentiality and reliability, which is challenging to maintain with humans. Conversational agents maintain a level of transparency which humans cannot manage.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a software that replicates human communication, either covertly to gatherinformation, or blatantly for delivering automated customer support. Chatbots’ functionality can be distributed into two distinct categories.

The first category of a chatbot is the restricted chatbot. These chatbots only respond to specific requests, and their answers are also limited. Businesses use restricted chatbots to deliver coupons or special offers to their customers. For example, there might be a sign in the local bakery which says, “Text DOUGHNUT to 12345 for a 12% discount coupon.” The chatbot is programmed to deliver the coupon to people who text ‘doughnut’ only, not ‘donut’ or ‘doughnuts.’ If consumers type anything else, they will not get a response.

The second category of chatbots is designed to understand natural language with the help of artificial intelligence, natural language processing (NLP), natural language understanding (NLU), and natural language generation (NLG) skills. These are chatbots that can help you choose the right office snacks, and get you the discount. Other than the differences inlinguistic capabilities between the two types of chatbots, there is a vast difference in price. The chatbot, which understands natural language, is more expensive.

What are User Perceptions About Chatbots?

“If users had to choose between downloading an app and interacting with a chatbot then,significant majority of people would choose the chatbot because they do not have to download anything,” according to Bianca Jeffrey, the Publicity Manager of Crowd Writer. In the past, people were doubtful and intimidated to communicate with a chatbot to satisfy any of their necessities.

Consumers want prior information that this conversation is taking place with a chatbot. The general public still has a bit of skepticism delivering instructions to a chatbot. But this is because they believe that chatbots should be more indulging – the language and delivery of the messages expressed by the chatbot sound very robotic. People are much more honest with chatbots than they are with other humans.

Chatbots Are Good for Elaborate Engagement

Chatbots are not good at giving their opinion about something. They can’t provide you with advice about what the correct shoes can do for you, but they can quickly get you from one point to another.

Chatbots assist the human resource department in performing in their daily activities efficiently. Applicants are more willing to cooperate with chatbots rather than humans. The same is the case with customers in the travel industry. Customers are more willing to book their journeys online instead of having to chat with a travel agent.

The medicine industry is a perfect fit for chatbots. As pharmacies become smaller, dispensing online medication is becoming more avant-garde and competitive. It is much easier for customers to order medicine online instead of having to wait in long queues at a drugstore.


Chatbots Engage Website Visitors

A regular business operates for about eight hours a day and remains closed for the remaining 16 hours of the day. If the organization has global clients visiting their website, the establishment will be losing out on more than 60% of their potential leads.

One solution is to transcribe forms for users to fill out to express their interest. But having a potential client fill up an application for a product they never tried only spells desperation. That is the reason why prospective customers never fill these forms.

“With the help of a chatbot, entrepreneurs can recover more than 2/3rds of their lost leads on their website,” exclaims Jenna Carlisle, the Executive Controller of Customer Support for the Australian Master. Prospective clients are compliant with chatbot’s requests for information.

Chatbots Strategically Manage More Users

Every organization has a sales team. Every sales team has various departments. Each department has several different members, and each of these individuals has daily, weekly,and monthly targets to meet. Each affiliate has a defined role to play in the sales process. Any day when any one of these individuals is absent, productivity takes a hit. Even with the full presence, a sales team so big can only achieve realistic targets.

A chatbot’s most unsurpassed quality is that they do not take the day off. Another characteristic is that there is no limit to the number of clients a chatbot can cater to simultaneously. The JP Morgan chatbot identified by the name COIN (Contract Intelligence) achieved in seconds what took lawyers 360,000 hours.

Conversational Marketing & Chatbots

Conversational chatbots can help potential clients with any questions they may have regarding the product. Even though a sale has not yet finalized, it is ideal for the chatbot to take over. The chatbot can help retrieve relevant information about the customer in a non-biased, non-critical way.

An example of a conversation with a potential buyer asking questions about placing an international order might go something like this.

Chatbot:​How may I assist you?

Human:​I love your product, but I have a lot of questions.

Chatbot:​With whom do you wish to speak?

Human:​I would like to speak to the Shipping Department

Chatbot:​Ok. I will get someone in the Shipping Department for you right away. Where do you want the product to be delivered?

Human:​I want it to be delivered to ____________.

Chatbot:​Can I have your email address just in case we get disconnected?

Human:​My email address is ______________.

Chatbot:​You are going through to Mark Smith in the Shipping Department.

The chatbot recovers vital information as well as assists the potential purchaser.

Using Chatbot Recovered Information for Future Marketing

Conversational chatbots recover a variety of information about potential clients. Some prospective buyers might be willing to purchase in the future due to limited funds. Some patrons might have expressed interest in a particular product, which was not available at the time.

Since chatbots recover specific information about particular clients, it is possible to reach out to them via targeted emails. The emails can highlight products the consumer is interested in individually.

Chatbots Deliver a Customized User Experience

Chatbots can remember the communication of thousands of users over long durations. A chatbot uses memory and unique processes, which will be expensive for organizations to deploy. After being successfully installed, the chatbot can recall when the last conversation took place. It can also recall the sum and substance of the previous dialogue, which has practical implications.

From the start, the chatbot can welcome the returning customer much more personally. The chatbot can also inquire if the customer is looking for the same product or a different product to help speed up the close of the sale.

Chatbots Do Not Replace Humans

The big question on everybody’s mind is, why do chatbots not replace human beings? There is no doubt there are numerous advantages to having a chatbot. Chatbots are much faster, and they can handle many more simultaneous communications at once. In the end, chatbots are electronic programming. All kind of electronic programming has its vulnerabilities, even Taychatbot’s racist tweets were unexpected by Microsoft.

Chatbots are helping customers in many different fields, just like humans. The difference between a chatbot and a human support agent is that the human can build a reputation within a few years. Even the best chatbot will always be replaced for a better version.

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