With almost every country in the world under lockdown due to the ongoing pandemic, 2020 saw an upsurge in the use of TikTok. Last year we could also get cheap TikTok likes from as low as only $0.35 per 100 likes.

In 202,0 TikTok also saw several interesting as well as weird challenges from dance challenges to what not. Here is a list of top viral TikTok trends in 2020.

  • What I eat in a day

This year we found #whatieatinaday trending a lot. People seemed interested in knowing what their favorites eat in a day. However, this trend was a little on the controversial side because eating and food were scrutinized. Yet, despite all odds, people were obsessed with this trend this year.

  • Childhood cringe

2020 will be a year known for times when people shared their awkward childhood moments, amongst other things. We all have that one awkward memory from our childhood. Well, this year, people thought to share it with the world!

  • Election memes

America’s presidential elections in 2020 were trending on almost every social media, and the case with TikTok was no different. With slow counting procedure and mailing votes, tok tok was filled with all sorts of election memes.

  • The target challenge

2020 was without any doubt the most boring year, so to whip that off, people came up with very weird challenges too. The target challenge is one of them. In this challenge, people, along with their partner or best friends, went to Target and brought some items from many categories and then swapped the items! People have tried these things just to increase followers. TikTok users may find other ways to buy followers to boost their profile.

  • The whipped coffee

The whipped coffee or popularly known as the dalgona coffee, was another obsession of people in 2020. This challenge took coffee, making a notch higher, and everybody loved it and made it!


  • Spooky ghost photoshoots

In this challenge, people covered themselves in white bedsheets to be “ghosts” and then click photos of themselves.

  • It’s a tricky game

It was a live quiz or personality quiz, to be more specific. It is also known as “this or that.” This challenge was all over TikTok.

  • Stories of Rich people

This trend was centered on weird behavior by Rick people. It initiated with people asking questions, and then people used to answer that in their videos. It was trending with hashtags like #rich, #broke, and #eattherich.

  • Rare aesthetics

This was one of the most nostalgic trends that took people through an emotional roller coaster in 2020. People shared videos from the past with their families.

  • New York University quarantine memes

During a week in August, it appeared that the only thing people cared about on TikTok was the awful quarantine meals that New York University students got.

  • Ratatouille musical

Many creators made a complete musical on a popular cartoon movie ‘Ratatouille.’ TikTok choreographed the dance and designed sets all at home for this trend.

  • Medieval TikTok

This was centered around a medieval cover of a seminal hit by Shakira- “Hips Don’t Lie.” The popular hashtag #MedievalTikTok had around 10 million views.

  • Time Warp

Creators on TikTok used the ‘time warp scan’ feature. This feature froze the image in a particular place. Creators used this to make optical illusions. The #timewarpscan had approximately 14.3 billion views.

  • I am lost

This trend was centered around a song called “in this shirt.” The lyrics of the song were primarily based on existential feelings or lost objects. The hashtag #iamlost had around 4.1 billion views.

  • Don’t leave me

The hashtag #dontleaveme had approximately 6.1 billion views, and the trend was a pun. For instance, a jokester ran away, and then the followers called out, “don’t leave me.” This was hands down one of the best physical humor on TikTok in 2020. The hashtag #dontleavemechallange had around 2 billion views.

  • Blinding lights challenge

The last on our list is the challenge of the blinding light. It brought families, friends, and other groups closer this year. The hashtag that was trending with this was #blindinglights, which were around 3.5 billion.

The list of trends on TikTok for the year 2020 is endless, with people stuck at their homes in lockdown. People used TikTok as a platform to get rid of boredom and reveal the creative sides of themselves. TikTok was all about hashtags and crazy trends in 2020.