Here’s what you can do if you ever get locked out of your iPhone or your iPad. We all know that Apple has several security features that help you protect your device’s data. Even so, you cannot unlock your phone with your passcode, and it is impossible to regain control. You must contact the iPhone servicing center, to unlock your iPhone and iPad.

We know that other than the owner of an Apple device, no one else can use the device, and the devices are built-in in that manner. Not recently, Apple also introduced this application called “Find my iPhone,” which allows the user to prevent thieves from deleting or selling the stolen device. Even with all these features, often, the device’s rightful owners with Apple ID could get locked out of their devices.

In that case, when the owner of the device cannot input the right passcode, then the device displays a “disabled” indication. That, however, does not mean you cannot use your device again, but it comes with a drawback, which is that you will have to use the device after you have erased all the contents first, but after that, you can also restore personal information your data from your iCloud.

How can you unlock your iPhone or iPad?

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There are some easy steps to erase and restore the data on your device, but it also depends on how you have backed up your data or if at all you have backed up your data or not. It is required to have an active internet connection during the process of restoring data, signing back into the device, and software updates to help reactivate the device.

It is essential to remember your Apple ID and its password as required in the restoration process. If you have enabled the Activation Lock, then it is inevitable that you will have to remember and enter your Apple ID and its password.

With the help of iCloud, you will be able to download your contacts, pictures, and other data if it doesn’t get downloaded automatically.

But what to do if you don’t have backed up your data at all? What if you did not even back up your data on your iCloud. What about the data which could not be backed up due to lack of space on your iCloud? Well, the answer to all these questions is StarzSoft KeyPass.

Steps to unlock your iPhone or iPad

StarzSoft KeyPass allows iPhone and iPad users to unlock their devices within minutes! Without worrying about losing data, one can easily unlock their iPhone or iPad passcode without the passcode. It can remove the passcode for you. It can even remove the Touch ID and Face ID feature if required, and it is compatible with all iPhone or iPads. It doesn’t matter if your device is disabled or has a broken screen. With three easy steps, you can unlock your iPhone or iPad within some minutes.

Step 1: At first, it is required to have StarzSoft Keypass downloaded on your computer.

Step 2:  The second step is to have your iPhone or iPad connected to your computer via USB cable.

Step 3: All you have to do then is to quickly press the plus and minus volume buttons at the same time and then hold the power button until “connect to iTunes” flashes on the screen. The software then starts to unlock your device without you having to restore anything or putting in any additional effort.

Features of Starzsoft


StarzSoft KeyPass is easy and convenient software, helping you gain your control back on your device hassle-free. Some of the main features of StarzSoft KeyPass are that KeyPass can efficiently work on a system with 10HZ (64bit or 32bit).

KeyPass has Hard Disk Space from 8GB, and above free space, this software has about 256 MB and more Random-Access Memory, however, 1 GB is recommended to save your important data, then it is compatible with all iOS 7.0 and later and lastly, it can be downloaded and operated on Windows 7, 8, 10 and Vista.


StatSoft KeyPass has turned out to be one of the best tools available on the market, which helps its users unlock their iPhones and iPads and is one hundred percent clean and safe to use. You can click on download here to download the app to unlock your iPhone or iPad.