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How Does CodeIgniter Work? What are the Features of CodeIgniter?
Reasons Why You Should Use CodeIgniter for Web Development Project
Free & Open-Source Framework
Find Hidden Bugs Optimally
Support Step-By-Step Testing Support
Easy Configuration
Better Customization Features
Secure Framework
Rapid Development with Less Code
Improved Search Engine Optimization
MVC Design
Vast Source of Documentations
Better Server Migration Features
Robust Template Solutions
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You can quickly expand your business with several advancements in web development available today. To increase customer engagement for your web application, you need to choose the correct web application or framework to help improve your online presence. One such excellent framework is CodeIgniter.

CodeIgniter is a PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for web developers who expect a simple & delegate tool for their full-fledged development.The features of CodeIgniter allow you to develop diverse web applications or websites. Due to the benefits and features of this framework, there has been a huge demand of CodeIgniter developers in the IT industry.

This guide explains the importance of CodeIgniter and why you must choose CodeIgniter for developing web development projects.

What are the features of CodeIgniter?


Here are some of the features of CodeIgniter that seems to be more helpful to a web developer.

● Light weight
● Trackback class
● Query builder database support
● Form and data validation
● Unit testing class
● Security and XSS filtering
● Email sending class
● Image manipulation library
● File uploading class
● Full page caching
● Calendaring class
● Zip encoding class
● Template engine class
● XML-RPC library
● Search-engine friendly URLs
● Flexible URI routing
● Data encryption

Reasons why you should use CodeIgniter for web development project

CodeIgniter developers leverage the features of CodeIgniter to develop web applications efficiently through the wide range of support offered by the PHP framework. These reasons include the following:

1. Free & open-source framework

You can easily use front-end and back-end functions effortlessly with the help of broad functions supported by this framework free of cost.

The module method helps you carry out all the tasks and functions without issues. If you want to make any changes to your web app project, you can easily do it with CodeIgniter’s tools and controllers without spending a penny.

2. Find hidden bugs optimally

CodeIgniter is undoubtedly preferred to develop any effective app without errors and bugs.  The framework displays all PHP errors by default. Additionally, it has an error logging class that allows you to save the error and debug files as text files for your reference. This helps you to maintain track of app’s errors and resolve them accordingly.

This framework helps you create high-quality websites/ web applications with zero errors.

3. Support step-by-step testing

CodeIgniter permits Test Driven Development for projects, where you can perform a step-by-step testing approach while developing a web application. At the same time, it allows you to check the performance of the website’s functionality quickly. This means you can thoroughly test each project phase, saving time on quality analysis.

4. Easy configuration

Simple configuration is one of the most prominent features of CodeIgniter. The lightweight PHP framework has about 2MB in size when downloaded and is independent of other frameworks. CodeIgniter has a transparent and uncomplicated configuration where you can download the latest version, unzip the folder and install it.

5. Better customization features

In scenarios where minor tweaks are needed within a limited time to present a more convenient structure, you can quickly make any changes to your project without any hassle.

6. Secure framework

CodeIgniter offers a wide range of security-rich functionalities to safeguard your web app from cyber threats. It has built-in filtering features for both input and output, packed with incredible encryption and decryption facilities that manage data securely.

7. Rapid development with less code

A prominent feature of CodeIgniter is that it supports the fast development of projects with minimum code. You can write less code with fewer mistakes & errors, which helps your web app to be rich in performance and lightweight.

8. Improved Search Engine Optimization

CodeIgniter has improved SEO that helps to increase the ranking of any business website as per the client’s need. illions of digital marketing experts prefer CodeIgniter just to increase their traffic.

9. MVC design

CodeIgniter operates using the Model View Controller design, which increases the reliability of a platform while developing a user interface. With the distinct components of the MVC and their extended support of excellent integration with JavaScript frameworks, you can easily develop an extensive project even with unstructured codes.

10. Vast documentation

CodeIgniter has extensive documentation that developers can refer to for relevant information about the framework. Thus, you can quickly build projects and accomplish tasks using documentation.

11. Better server migration features

A top feature of CodeIgniter is its extended support for updating, server migration, and data migration processes. An interesting part is that, during the entire migration process, your data remains intact and safe. Wherever your data is stored, you can easily migrate to the CodeIgniter database, and the community is there to help if you encounter challenges.

12. Robust template solutions

The CodeIgniter framework has an inbuilt templating machine where you can easily understand the project right from the onset. Pre-built templates make your job easier and help you attain faster solutions.


It is obvious that, one of the most admired PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter increased the raise of dynamic web solutions. There are so many PHP frameworks to choose from, each with its advantages and disadvantages. However, CodeIgniter is the best framework for building incredible web applications today. As a developer or company, if you value time and resources, you should not think twice about using the CodeIgniter framework for web development.

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