While Brooklyn has been the most populated of the metro area, it has numerous locations that stand in stark contrast to the rush and liveliness of New York City—ample parks, walking walkways, close-knit neighborhoods, and even affordable rentals. Thus, moving to Brooklyn may be a no-brainer for you, and after you’ve made the choice to relocate, you should begin researching for reputable Brooklyn movers.

Brooklyn is home to families, working professionals, artists, and new graduates; many of them have migrated from all over the United States, if not the world. Brooklyn, maybe more often than any other city in America, embraces its diversity. If you’re considering relocating to Brooklyn, New York, the following are nine things you should know prior, throughout, and after your relocation.

This up-and-coming neighborhood has swiftly established itself as a must-see location in New York City! Brooklyn has changed into the city’s coolest, trendiest district in the last few years, attracting a population of young couples, young adults, hipsters, and artists to districts like Bushwick and Williamsburg. Even though most people are envisioning themselves living the big city life in New York, as they see that undeniable excitement and elegance of Manhattan, Brooklyn still has its own set of unique features that make it a global destination in itself.

Eight Great Reasons Why Moving To Brooklyn Is The Right Decision You Are About to Make

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1. Brooklyn has the best rooftop view

Brooklyn is by far without a doubt one of the best neighborhoods to reside in if you want unobstructed views of Manhattan all across East River. While Manhattan’s perspectives are breathtaking, it is impossible to see the entire island due to the dense concentration of towers. Brooklyn tourists and locals get spectacular views of the city’s skyline. If locals or tourists climb to a rooftop lounge or patio, the scenery of Manhattan is unmatched.

2. Brooklyn is the hippest place to live right now

Are you a fan of beards, specialty coffee, man buns, and fashion items? While many regard Manhattan to be the epicenter of New York’s world, 67% of New Yorkers believe Brooklyn is the city’s trendiest neighborhood! Brooklyn’s streets are densely packed with trendy stores, vibrant entertainment venues, and unique artisanal coffee shops.

3. Living in Brooklyn will not make you lose that sense of community

Numerous neighborhoods in New York City have grown so suburban that they have lost their feeling of community. While Brooklyn has not escaped this transition, it has retained its diversity and uniqueness. Each neighborhood in Brooklyn has its own particular history and attitude. Several of them have retained their ethnic identities as well! Numerous Italian communities in Brooklyn have retained their tradition and charm.

4. You will experience the most authentic nightlife in Brooklyn

Even if Manhattan’s nightlife is upscale and posh, there are times when you just need to go to a cocktail bar for cheap drinks and pool. Brooklyn’s nightlife culture is youthful and vibrant, more akin to a divey college town pub than a high-class Manhattan restaurant or bar. You may enjoy an interesting and vibrant night out without having to worry about snobbish Manhattan bouncers checking to see whether you’re wearing the proper footwear for their overrated, pricey “rooftop bar.” Brooklyn, on the other hand, boasts superior rooftop views!

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5. Brooklyn will still let you have that room for you to breathe

In Brooklyn, it is more typical for units to share an outside area, whether it be a backyard or a rooftop. When living in Brooklyn, you can still form part of all the New York City hustle and bustle while having to relax and be laid-back at the same time. Parks are less busy here, there is much more urban park, and everything is a bit less cluttered.

6. Brooklyn is never short of community events

In Brooklyn, the neighborhood hosts a variety of free entertainment, from Mermaid Street parties to the monthly open-air food market Smorgasburg in Prospect Park. All of these activities are ideal for socializing with neighbors and becoming more embedded and established in the community in which you reside. A sense of community strengthens your drive, health, and enthusiasm.

7. Brooklyn will give you the gastronomic experience that you never wanted to miss

Brooklyn is absolutely cutting-edge in terms of food. It is a neighborhood that is extremely foodie-friendly. Smorgasburg is America’s biggest weekly open-air food market, drawing between 20,000 and 30,000 visitors to Brooklyn each weekend to sample cuisine from 100 local merchants. The food is superb and quite a variety, introducing you to ethnic cuisines you would not have encountered otherwise. The scene is idyllic Prospect Park, directly from across East River from Manhattan’s spectacular cityscape. DeKalb Market Hall is yet another gourmet attraction in Brooklyn. It is a 60,000-square-foot food hall with 40 exhibitors, some of whom are classics, some of whom are newbies, and others of whom are ultra-trendy Brooklyn diners, such as Bushwick’s ultra-hot Bunker and Carroll Gardens’ Southern-inspired Wilma Jean. All New York City foodies will love the fact that A Taste of Katz’s allows them to obtain the famed pastrami sandwich without having to travel to Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

8. You can always choose to call Brooklyn your home

Brooklyn movers are always committed to retaining their reputation to become one of the best Brooklyn movers. These moving take pleasure in being prompt, pleasant, dependable, and cautious, and they are definitely committed to your total pleasure, regardless of the size or complexity of your relocation. Brooklyn is a unique town, with a strong feeling of community and limitless opportunities for creative reinvention. No matter what category you may be in – a young professional looking for the hippest place in all of New York or a start-up family who is seeking to remain living the city life while creating that feeling of community – there are always a lot of factors why moving to Brooklyn is a good move. Now that you’ve decided to relocate to Brooklyn, you’ll want the assistance of a reputable team of moving specialists to assist you in settling into your new surroundings. Consider this advice for decreasing stress throughout the moving process, and then complete a simple online form to receive a quotation from reputable Brooklyn movers.