Solid wood flooring is made up of one piece from top to bottom. Solid wood flooring is usually 3/4 inches thick. They are milled with a tongue-and-groove to ensure a clean installation.

You can apply a variety of coatings and finishes at the factory (prefinished), or on the job site, depending on the installation requirements. Prefinished solid wood flooring is preferred due to practical concerns. Factory-finished wood flooring is easier to install than on-site.

The wear layer is the top layer. It is cut, sliced, or shaved from a hardwood variety. The final product will have the same appearance and feel like a piece of solid wood. The most common hardwoods are oak and maple, but other exotic species such as bamboo, teak, and Brazilian cherry can also be found.

Hardwood flooring is easy to clean and adds sophistication to any home. Although this style is easier to maintain than other flooring types, it does require regular maintenance to keep it looking its best and resist wear. While some tasks should be done daily, others are only needed once a month.

wood flooring

Solid wood is a highly sought out option for many homeowners, its natural origins and beautiful grains and knots make each piece of solid wood flooring one of a kind.

Preventative Maintenance

High-quality mats at all entrances to your home are a great way of reducing the amount of dirt, stones, and other mud that needs to be removed from your hardwood floor. People don’t allow shoes to be worn in their homes. This saves time and makes cleaning easier. Area rugs are better than bare floors in busy rooms or areas with hardwood floors.

Daily Maintenance

Daily cleaning is the first step in maintaining your solid floor. Although it doesn’t have to be more thorough than vacuuming and sweeping, this is an important first step. Grit and dirt can act like sandpaper. This can damage the beautiful hardwood flooring. Regular mopping of the wood floor is a great method to remove any sticky or hard-to-clean debris. The hardwood flooring must be kept damp but not wet by the mop used to clean it. If water or other liquids are not quickly removed, solid wood flooring can become discolored.

Monthly Maintenance

A wood floor’s finish can be protected by applying wax or oil that has been specifically formulated for it about once per month. Before using the oil or wax, clean the floor thoroughly. You may need to remain off the foundation for a few hours to allow the product to soak into the floor and protect it.

Repairing Damage

There have been light scratches on the skin. Solid wood flooring buffer can be used to remove surface scratches, but a specialist with years of experience in wood flooring should be used to remove deeper scratches.

Wood flooring that has been neglected and its finish should not be sanded, and a new coat applied. If floors are properly maintained, they won’t need to be sanded down. A fresh coat of finish should be used every other month.