If you are thinking of moving, Spain is your best option, not only because of the Mediterranean climate that wins everyone’s heart who decides to spend a vacation in these warm lands in summer, but also because of its open and spontaneous culture and, above all, the quality/price of life compared to the UK. There are many aspects to take into account before making such a crucial decision, for this reason, we solve the most important doubts that may cross your mind before taking this big step and obtaining your Wealth Visa Spain.

You should know this before moving to Spain from the UK

Why many British citizens are considering starting over new in Spain? Not only is the possibility of living near Barcelona beaches or Madrid centre in the spotlight of many British citizens. Actually, the intention of leaving the UK has a lot to do with the Brexit, but there are many other reasons to take in considering if you are planning to move to Spain from the UK.

It is world known that in February of 2020 the withdrawal agreement (Brexit) came into effect and the UK became a non member of the European Union anymore. But which consequences have had the Brexit a part of the institutional one? In fact, the British life citizens have changed a lot with the new rules that have been formulated in the UK, day-to-day aspects like the businesses, the residence, the healthcare, the economy, the culture, etc.Therefore, many UK citizens are beginning to consider leaving the country, starting a new business in Spain and living a completely new life elsewhere, either individually or as a family.

If you decide to spend more than two weeks of holidays in Spain, it is good to know that as an EU national, you have the right to stay in Spain for an over 3 months if you comply with a series of requirements. First of all, you must be capable of supporting yourself and family, besides having a public or private full health insurance cover. On second hand, you will need to be self employed or have a remunerated job in Spain. Finally, you will have the possibility to live in Spain a considerable time if you are a close relative to an EU national that meets the above conditions.

If you have made the decision to move to Spain and start enjoying all the cultural wealth that emerges from the food, the language and the Spanish life style, you will probably want to get advice on how to obtain a residence permit. So we make the process easier and provide you with all the necessary information in relation with setting up a business in Spain, buying a house, enjoying the same rights as a Spanish citizen, having a Spain Visa entrepreneur, receiving the best education for the children, knowing the best places to live, etc. Don’t hesitate to put in contact with us, we are a boutique in Spain specializing in My Spain Visa.