Beauty of Mehtab Bagh

Beauty of Mehtab Bagh

Mehtab Bagh is a garden which is worth visiting in Delhi to Agra by car. It is a beautiful monument which is present exactly in front of the Taj Mahal. It is really a wonderful thing that both the great monuments are located in front of each other.

The Ruler Who Constructed Mehtab Bagh

It was Babar, who built the Mehtab Bagh. The first Mughal Garden built by Babur was Aaram Bagh. Babar was the first emperor of the Mughal Dynasty in India. He established the stone of the Mughal Empire. Babur was a great ruler. He fought many battles and won them. The word ‘Babur’ means ‘tiger’.

In Char Bagh Style

Char Bagh is a layout design which is based on quadrilateral Garden. There are four Gardens in this design. According to the holy book of Islam, the Quran; it is said that this design is of Paradise. It means that the Char Bagh style of four Gardens is equivalent to a garden of Paradise. Therefore, we can say Mehtab Bagh is also a garden of Paradise. There are many other famous Char Bagh Gardens like Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi, Babur’s tomb in Kabul, etc.

The Measurements of Mehtab Bagh

The complex of the garden is perfectly square in shape. It is 300 by 300 meters for 980 by 980 feet. It is completely and perfectly opposite the Taj Mahal. There is no mistake in constructing the garden. It is made with perfect measurements. Shah Jahan also did not commit any single mistake in constructing the Taj Mahal exactly its opposite.

Foundation of the Black Taj Mahal

According to a story or a tale or maybe reality, it is said that Shah Jahan wanted to build one more Taj Mahal in black marble. He planned to build it exactly opposite to the Taj Mahal near Mehtab Bagh. The story might have some relationship with the truth. It is so because there are some ruins of the pieces of the black marble. Therefore it is said that there was a possibility of the black Taj Mahal near the Mehtab Bagh.

Mehtab Bagh During the Rainy Season

It is highly recommended that always go to visit Mehtab Bagh when there is not the rainy season in Agra. It is so because there is a lot of water in the river Yamuna, which gets flooded and it eventually reaches Mehtab Bagh. Therefore, there is no possibility to go and visit Mehtab Bagh. Thus, it is highly recommended that one should not go to Mehtab Bagh during the rainy season.

The Moonlit Garden

Mehtab Bagh is also called as moonlit Garden. There is a particular reason behind it. It is said that because it is in the shape of a crescent, it is covered with grass all over II and it is a perfectly ideal location for a great view of the Taj Mahal. These are the various reasons because of which it is called as moonlit Garden.

The Beauty of Mehtab Bagh

There are white colored plaster walkways. Imagine of walkways of white color. It is very difficult to maintain the floor of white color. There are airy pavilions. Those airy pavilions have natural air blowing. We all can imagine whenever we feel the blowing natural air, it is very nice. It also has beautiful pools and fountains. Those pools and fountains give a very fresh look to the garden. It is so lovely to visit the Mehtab Bagh on same day Agra tour by car.