Located in the northeast of Spain, Barcelona is one of the most stunning and beautiful cities the country has to offer. Visitors familiar with this city know all its charm at this point, but there is an alternative that will bring you a whole new perspective of Barcelona: boat tours. Thanks to companies like Gotland Charter, we will have the opportunity to experience Barcelona by the sea, an experience like no other. 

The best boat tours in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the biggest cities in Europe, therefore, the fast and hectic lifestyle that seems to surround its habitants surprises no one. But sometimes, one just needs to get away from all the noise and the stress that surrounds the city, and one of the best ways to do so is by checking the amazing Barcelona boat tours.

Boat tours bring the perfect opportunity to relax in a luxurious yacht by the sea while contemplating the breathtaking views of the coast of Barcelona.

Boat tours are perfect for any kind of event, from big weddings to intimate anniversary celebrations.

Hosting an event in a boat will give it an original twist that all our guests will love. However, for a boat tour to be just perfect, we recommend that you hire the best companies in the sector like Gotland Charter.


Gotland Charter was founded in 1977 under the motto “Bringing the sea closer to people”, and in their more than 20 year of working expertise have helped thousands of people to discover the beautiness of Barcelona’s coast.

Their boat tours are amazing for recreation in general and for nautical tourism, allowing people to discover a whole new aspect of the city.

Gotland Charters has a wide catalogue of motor catamarans, yachts, and sailing yachts to fit into any type of event.

One of the main perks of choosing this company for your boat tours is that although their fleet is located mainly in Barcelona, they can collect or drop off guests in the nearby ports like those in the Costa Brava region or Garraf area.

And if you do not wish to host a private event, you can join any of Gotland Charters’ public tours by simply buying a ticket. All tours are hosted in what is probably the most luxurious boat in Barcelona. The tours include a half-day or late-night menu, so you will get to experience a lovely meal by the sea.

Music and DJs are always available during the tour to liven up the tour. We especially recommend this type of tours if you are planning to get a quiet family gathering, since Gotland Charters historic tours are hosted in a 1962 sailboat that will not cease to amaze everyone in the family.


Enjoying a meal on board

A boat trip brings a whole new perspective over a city, but also over the food. Food seems to taste different when you eat it in the sea. If you want to surprise your family, one of the best alternative plans is to organize a meal on board.

All meals on board offered by Gotland Charters are organized privately, which guarantees that all of them are different from each other, surprising all guests.

Before the meal starts, you can surprise your guests with a small trip by the coast, so they can contemplate the breathtaking city views, play music, host activities, etc. Anything you could think that could be done to liven up the stay of your guests can be arranged.

Then, you can have an amazing dinner or lunch cooked by the best catering services.

If you and your guests are taking a public boat tour, menus are based on an assortment of skewers made on board with local products. For private tours, the menu can be customized upon request.

Overall, having a meal on a luxurious boat is a unique opportunity you need to experience at least once in your life.