Reasons that will make you visit Sikkim this Summer

Reasons that will make you visit Sikkim this Summer

Due to its uniqueness of culture, traditions and food habits and location Sikkim carries a different kind of enchantment and attraction for tourists. The Sikkim tour packages offer an atypical vacation equation from the regular buzzing tourist hubs of India. With Sikkim you have the mixed enigma of visiting the royal ancient heritage of the not-so-advertised locales packed with a never-to-forget natural beauty and endless solitude. The beauty of Sikkim hills is different from the glamour of the colonial heritage of Himachal Pradesh or the pleasant and cool seas of Goa.

Sikkim tourism involves the right mixture of a wide assortment of food, cool and pleasant climes, infinite natural beauty in the form majestic mountain ranges, an infinite and thrilling cultural diversity and a host of adventure activities.

Fascinating Monasteries that Create Heaven of Earth

Fascinating Monasteries

Sikkim is the house to 75 exotic monasteries that have allured thousands of curious visitors all through the year since ages. Most of the monasteries are worth visiting and date way back in the 18th century.

Sikkim Tourism looks upon the monasteries as their precious resource to bewitch the travelers from all across the world. These famous monasteries of Sikkim have always been known to enchant the onlookers and those that you would never want to miss while you are discovering the wealth of Sikkim. Sikkim Tour Packages promote this wealth of architectural splendor that the monasteries possess.

Major Monasteries spread across the length and breadth of Sikkim

Major Monasteries

Some of the best known, most popular and most beautiful of monasteries of North Sikkim can be cited as Chawayng Ani Monastery near Phensang. Labrang Monastery or Palden Phuntshog Phodrang, Lachen and Lachung Monastery, Lingdum Monastery near Zongu, Phensang Monastery, Ringyim Monastery or Rigon Rigdzin Tharlig Gonpa, Phodang Monastery near Gangtok, Tholung Monastery, Tingbung Rigdzn Tharling Gonpa and Tsunthang Monastery. The Monasteries of South Sikkim can be named as Dalling Monastery, Kewwzing Monastery, Namchi Monastery, Ralang Monastery, Tendong Gumpa and Yangyang Monastery that are worth mentioning. In the East Sikkim, there is the Enchey Monastery, Rhenock Monastery, Rumtek Monastery and Sang Monastery that deserves mention.

In the west, there are the Dubdi Monastery, Khecheopalri Monastery, Mallu Monastery, Pemayangtse Monastery, Sanga Choeling Monastery and Tashiding Monastery that will continue to sooth human soul and showcase the perfect blend of natural beauty and man-made creation.

There are approximately more than 200 monasteries in Sikkim that exemplify the true essence of Buddhist form of worship, art and architecture. These monasteries have been known to influence the cultural heritage and the entire lifestyle of the people Sikkim. They still carry the ancient faiths, beliefs, rituals and rules to the modern times.

Sikkim: The Enchantment of Special Summer Festival

Summer Festival

Sikkim Summer Festival is a five-day long extravagant Summer Carnival that is usually held in the month of May at Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim. The Summer Carnival is a stunningly beautiful affair. It is that time when the mountains are alluringly white as the snow has yet not melted, the white foaming rapid rivers rushes down the mountain slopes.

The slopes assume the myriad hues of the beautiful flowers blooming all over the meadows and glens. The carnival spreads joy and happiness through a host of fun activities such as fascinating flowers shows, flamboyant cultural programmes, interesting exhibitions and amusing competitions to make the event a grand success.

Added to the charm of the summer spirit of Sikkim is the local food festival. There is also the tempting and adventurous white water rafting and unconventional Yak Safari for the brave at hearts. So Sikkim in summer is completely poised to offer multiple exciting attractions to make you pack your bags and fly.

Natural Beauty of Sikkim in summer

Natural Beauty

Sikkim is well known for its beguiling natural beauty. It brilliantly holds out its natural beauty throughout the year across all the five major seasons. But travelling to Sikkim especially in summer is very pleasant. The air is cool and breezy that gives you immediate relief from the scorching heat of rest of the northern plains.

The sun retains its mild warmth which is all the more enjoyable pitted against the frozen mountain ranges. The average temperature of Sikkim in the summer months ranges approximately from a minimum of 13 degrees Celsius to a maximum of 28 degrees Celsius.

Summer in Sikkim: Best Time to Enjoy Trekking


Summer season has the perfect weather conditions and mountains are at their best for allowing mountain adventures such as typical trekking tours. Apart from this adventure of trekking, there are other plentiful tourism activities meant for summer time such as Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Canoeing, River rafting, Cycling, Bungee Jumping, Glidingand more.

Visiting Pelling in summer months can be exceptionally benefiting. It can provide an extraordinary vacation experience as the weather permits unhindered and glamorous views of Mount Kanchenjunga and the pleasant weather conditions give an opportunity to spend some close moments grounded to nature.

Other major and impeccable tourist destinations of visit in Sikkim that are fabulous to visit and get respite from the scorching sun rays of rest of Indian plains are Tsomgo Lake and Nathula Pass. The Tsomgo Lake is also known as Changu Lake. This lake is located around 27 kilometres from the state capital of Sikkim, Gangtok.

This high-altitude Lake remains gorgeously frozen until May in summers. A major attraction of reaching this mesmerizing location is through a fun and adventurous Yak safari. The gorgeous, spell-binding blossoming rhododendrons that cover the mountain slopes during the summer season is a real treat to eyes and all senses.

They grow in glorious abundance all over the Rhododendron Valley of North Sikkim. Summer is also the best time to visit the scintillating and serene Gurudongmar Lake, holy Lachung monastery and the spectacular Yumesamdong. The destinations showcase the history and rich culture while contributing favourably to Sikkim Tourism Packages.