Just a few years ago, Magnetic Island was a criminally underrated Aussie destination kept from anyone’s radar when it comes to travel. Even when travelers narrowed down their destination choice to Queensland islands, most people opted for Hamilton Island, the Whitsundays, Cairns and Port Douglas and completely dismissed Maggie. However, Magnetic Islands are finally getting the attention they deserve for all the right reasons. Here are just a few top reasons why you should visit Magnetic Island this year if you want to have an affordable and unforgettable vacation:

Pristine beaches

Australia is famous for its amazing beaches, and Magnetic Island is not an exception. This island is blessed with many different beaches that fit every taste of swimmer and sun-bather. The most popular beach on the island is Nelly Bay—this is where the residents come to hang out in the afternoon and active people come to exercise in the morning. If you’re looking for an ideal spot for a picnic, Picnic Bay is your best solution for enjoying great food, fishing and people watching. For swimmers, there’s Alma Bay with many lifeguards keeping a watchful eye on swimmers and the weather. And if you’re interested in animals, hit Geoffrey Bay and try to befriend some rock wallabies.

Exciting snorkeling

One of the top reasons to visit Magnetic Island is snorkeling. The underwater world around Maggie is rich and exciting, with many easy-to-approach attractions. You can buy affordable snorkeling gear and cards on the island, so all you have to do is wrap these around your wrist and use them as guides while snorkeling. There are also surface floats to use as guides and resting points. For beginners, we recommend Nelly Bay, but more advanced snorkelers can try Geoffrey Bay.

beach sand

Cozy accommodation

Finding accommodation at Magnetic Island is not a hard task, especially if you have expert help on your side. Look at Magnetic Island accommodation providers for recommendations and great ideas on lodging. For much lower prices than some more popular destinations, you’ll get to enjoy top luxury and comfort on Magnetic Island. With over 160 available properties on the island, you’ll certainly find something that fits your budget and wishes. Best agencies even throw in a free transfer from the ferry to accommodation!

Cute koalas and wallabies

The population of koalas on Magnetic Island is truly impressive. With over 800 koalas living on the island, you are sure to spot some. If you want to hang out with these marsupials up close, make sure to visit Bungalow Bay Koala Village (this spot also offers tents and cabins for a longer stay). Make sure to take a photo cuddling one of the friendly koalas!

Rock wallabies are a rarity in Australia and can only be found in northeast Queensland, exactly where Magnetic Island is located. Take an excursion to Geoffrey Bay at sunset and watch wallabies enjoy their feeding time. Some of these guys are so friendly that they love to take food directly from your hand. Just make sure to have wallaby food ready (can be purchased in local convenience stores).

History lessons

Magnetic Island is full of historically significant spots, so expect to learn a lot about Australian history while visiting. If you visit the old Gun Batteries and Fort Buildings, you’ll find all about life in Australia during World War II. Also, make sure to visit Cockle Bay and wait for low tide. When the ocean retreats, you can walk out to see SS City of Adelaide, a sunken ship resting at the bottom of the sea for more than 100 years.

Magnetic Island also has an amazing food scene and great locals ready to help. Make sure to book your trip to this amazing island and get a taste of Maggie first-hand.