Take back a piece of India’s Best Souvenirs to Buy

India Souvenir

A trip to any destination is said to be incomplete without taking some signature specialties which can’t be missed. Here is our list of some of the best souvenirs you can buy for your loved ones.

Crispy Banana Chips, Kerala

Well, we all love these yummy, crispy Banana chips which are the specialty of Kerala and can be found anywhere in the state. Locally known as upperi, this one is a huge favorite among the people of Kerala and among the travelers as well. A typical variety of Banana, nandhra vazha, is used for making such chips and they are fried in coconut oil, thus giving it a distinctive taste and flavor. Do pack some chips for you and your loved ones as you won’t find the taste anywhere else.

Bankura Horse

Want to rev up your home with some unique, beautiful artifacts? Well, if yes then Bankura Horses will surely add to your list of such items. The terracotta horses are the specialty of Panchmura village in Bankura District of West Bengal and hence the name. They are the fine example of Bengal craftsmanship and a must buy on your trip when here. Do visit Bankura if you are planning a trip to this part of the country anytime soon. Bankura is well-connected via rail from cities of India and you can check for seat availability prior to your journey.

Sandalwood Handicrafts

The state of Karnataka is famous for its exquisite sandalwood artifacts and you can buy them in almost any city here. A particular type of sandalwood, srigandha, is used for making these handicrafts which range from deities, name cases, walking sticks, photo frames and paper cutters among others.

Delicious Mathura Pedas

The holy city of Mathura is famous for its pedas, which is made from flour and milk and is a huge favorite among the locals and tourists alike. These pedas are known for their taste and purity and can be found in almost all major sweet shops across the city. If you are planning a train journey to Mathura, it is recommended to check IRCTC seat availability with fare and timings to enjoy a hassle free experience.

Mysore Silk Sarees

India Souvenir

When visiting the beautiful Mysore city, don’t come back without buying the signature silk sarees. The city is globally famous for its silk products and no wonder, you can see that almost all the streets have showrooms and shops selling a huge variety of these sarees. The most famous variety is crepe silk sarees. It would be a good idea to bargain a little as most of the local shopkeepers tend to have higher prices for the tourists. Mysore is well-connected via road, rail and airways to almost all major cities in the country. Do check the Indian Railways inquiry for seat availability in case you plan to take a train journey.These souvenirs are the best ways to connect to the local culture and heritage of that particular destination. So, next time you visit any place, don’t forget to pick some local specialities for a complete experience.