Do you hate waking up due to excessive sunlight invading your room every morning? Not everyone is morning person and love to welcome the sun to their bedroom.

Well, keeping in mind the modern lifestyle it is justified that many people tend to work late till night and deserve to have additional sleep hours in the morning.

Earlier, there was no escape to this situation. Fortunately, tent bed is introduced as the solution to this problem. Now, you can sleep in your little cocoon as much as you want without any hindrance.

So, before you head to the store for buying a tent bed, here is the checklist to keep in mind.

tent bedSize of the tent

Bed tent is great for everybody irrespective of their age. Hence it comes in several sizes. So based on your intention of use, you can select the size appropriately.

Make sure the tent can accommodate your mattress perfectly and size big enough for you to move sleep inside comfortably.

Space inside the tent

If the tent is for your kids, you must take care that the tent is big enough for your kids to sit and sleep inside comfortably. Generally, tent beds are available in different sizes such as toddler, twin bunk, twin, twin xl, full bunk, full, queen, and king. You can pick the right size as per need.

However, make sure to check the space inside the tent after placing the mattress so that it doesn’t feel too shrunken.


Most tents are made using the waterproofed cotton canvas material. However, it is not important that indoor tents are also made using the same material.

Therefore, it is important to find out check the material used in the manufacturing of these tents as it’s durability depends on its material quality. The better the tent cloth, the better the tent last and feels while sleeping in it.

The color of the tent

Before you pick the tent bed, you must consider its intentions so that it becomes easier for you to pick the right color of the tent. If the tent is meant to isolate you from the outer world, the dark colors like blue or black are advisable as they block the light.

However, if the tent is used for the kid’s room, it is important to pick the color as per your kid’s preference. There are plenty of options to choose from. Therefore, make sure to pick the right shade for a comfortable sleep.

Zip of the tent

You can judge the tent bed based on the quality of the zip used in it. Therefore if you want to get assured of the durability or quality of the tent bed make sure to check the zipper as it is going to be used more often. However, if you are going for the standard brands, you can trust the quality and expect great sleep experience in it.

These tent beds are very popular among kids as it is so cool to have a tent in your bedroom. Many kids love the concept and prefer to have different shade tents based on their like.

Also, if multiple kids are sharing the same room, tent bed allows them to enjoy their privacy by hiding in their tent and get isolated from the rest in the room. Check the mentioned considerations before picking a tent bed.

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