The Six is a cultural hub of Canada, nestled nearly in the center of the country.  This lively city, full of varied people, businesses, and experiences has Canada’s best in its heart.  If you’re considering looking at real estate in Toronto, and are on the fence about whether it’s the best choice for you, here are some of the top things to consider about Hogtown before making the big move!

A Job Change

Although many people would want to move for more ideological reasons, a change in work is a great reason to uproot and change where you live.  Toronto is an economic powerhouse that can offer stability in most creative fields.  Whether you’re in the arts, wanting to work in arts or culture- or you’re more interested in getting into tech- there are jobs available to you.  Most who move to Toronto find themselves starting a new career that can offer growth and change.  You can become a part of that tradition by moving in as well!


Incredible Food

This option isn’t what many consider in a move, but you can’t leave out food on this list!  Toronto has incredible restaurants like the Fishman Lobster Clubhouse in Scarborough, which is well known for the best lobster dishes in the country.  The Saint Lawrence Market has received the honor of being voted in as the world’s top food market by both Vogue and National Geographic.  Aside from all of the fancy food and critics, the people of Toronto know good food when they see it.  From simple sweets like maple taffy to innovative mixed drinks and desserts- you’ll never run out of new foods to try.

This City Keeps Winning

Dozens of magazines, news channels, and websites tout this city as the place to be.  BBC named Toronto as the world’s most multicultural city since it houses over 200 nationalities and is almost ten percent immigrants.  That makes this city a place where dreams are built and realized like no other.  The Economist Intelligence Unit rated Toronto as the fourth most livable city globally, taking into account factors like public transit, crime rates, and economic stability.


A Green City

Although Canada has a long history of being proud of its oil roots (Calgary, Alberta is the heart of the operation for it!), Canada has been making large and lasting changes to work towards a greener future.  Toronto follows suit, making recycling and other impactful things more accessible to the average citizen.  The great public transit ensures that people don’t have to drive their cars. Many residents turn down driving their vehicles to take public transit because of how inexpensive and reliable it is.

Toronto is a varied and incredible city that anyone would be lucky to move to.  Whether you’re starting a family and want a fresh start with good schools- or you’re an aspiring artist wanting to make your big break: Toronto is there for you.  Don’t be afraid to make that big step and start your life in a better place.