Switzerland is known for its beautiful Alps, Rocky Mountains, and Panorama that are like none other in the world. This is one of those places of the world that even celebrities are swearing by.

Switzerland offers something for everyone, whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in nature or seek out an adrenaline rush. To make your trip even more pleasant and ideal, reserve a Zurich car service, as this can add extra enjoyment and have a long-lasting impact on your vacation. With the premier taxi transfer services, you may explore the beauties of refreshing lakes, fearless mountain peaks, scenic hikes, and much more in more comfort.

There are 26 Cantons in Switzerland, one of which is Zug. This article is going to be all about Zug and why it is necessary to visit this small yet enchanting Canton. Let us start without much ado.

The Magnificent Town of Zug

The town of Zug is located right in the centre of Switzerland and is the largest town and the capital of the Swiss canton of Zug. It is spread across, just 239-kilometer square, but has a rich history associated with it.

The city is said to be 800 years old and the name Zug came from the fishing vocabulary, which was the main occupation of the town. Because of its proximity to both lakes and mountains, it is considered one of the best places to visit in Switzerland. Another reason why more and more people are looking forward to settling here is its lowest tax rate. Yes, the tax rate is one of the lowest in entire Switzerland.

The nearest airport to this little Canton of Zurich is 31.1 kilometres away. Other airports like Basel and Geneva are a little farther. Once you reach the city, you can book a Zug limousine or our premium service taxi Zug that can show you the city in the right light.


The city offers a number of entertainment opportunities for tourists. Whether you want to enjoy a peaceful evening or go for a bike session in the Alps, you can do it all at this place. We have shortlisted several locations where you can go during a visit to Zug. Scroll down to read and book a taxi service Zug to visit these places:

Agerisee Lake

The Agerisee Lake is the best place to begin your tour of Zug. The lake offers a great opportunity for relaxation and chilling out. Located on the foothills of the Alps, the Agerisee Lake offers a wide range of activities including water sports activities, mountain biking, and hiking. It was the Lake of Agerisee where the battle of Morgarten commenced in 1315. The place got a makeover, and now it is a peaceful place with some excellent restaurants, and bathing, resting facilities. Just ask your Chauffeur service Zug to take you there.

Zug Castle

The Zug castle is one of the oldest landmarks in the canton of Zug. Its castle dates back to the 12th century, however, its settlements are even older. The monument has gone through almost 26 different building phases, but what we see today was designed in 2014. Every room of the castle presents a specific theme of the museum, each representing the current and historical value of the city. All you need to do is book a Zug Limousine service and your transportation issues will be covered by Zug Chauffeurs.


The Zugerberg Mountain

Want to attain a sweeping view of the city; Zugerberg Mountain is what you need. Hiking there is quite easy as there are three circular hiking trails, which are perfect for everyone including kids and elders. Away from the city, this can be a place where you can enjoy nature and its tranquil offering. In the summers, hiking is what you need and in the winters, the place tempts you with skiing opportunities. Your chauffeur from Limousine service Zug will drop you at the location.

Kantonales Museum für Urgeschichte

Anyone who likes to know about cities and is interested in history, the Kantonales Museum für Urgeschichte is where you need to be. The museum displays archaeological developments of the canton over the year. Along with showing the archaeological perfections, the museum also represents life through the iron ages as well as that of hunters and even roman women. The place is quite an interesting place for everyone, so ask your Zug transfer service to arrange a driver for you.

Zug brings you the perfect opportunity for a peaceful holiday in the Alps. Opt for a transfer service Zug and enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free tour of the town. Every minute spent in this town is worth your time. As the Zug taxi are native to the place, they will show you the city in the best manner. In addition, you will be guided through some of the best restaurants and hotels. Do not forget to try the local cuisine and shop some of the local crafts.