Shweta Sharma

Shweta Sharma

Creating a Cohesive Aesthetic: The Role of Lighting in Home Design

Lighting is vital in creating an atmosphere and defining space in a well-designed room. It can accentuate and unify a home's design elements.
Automating Corporate Gifting

The Benefits of Automating Corporate Gifting

Exciting world of corporate gifting and uncovering the hidden gems that come with automating this essential aspect of business relationships. 
Criminal hacking system unsuccessfully

Sex Offender Registration Requirements in California

The consequences of being included in the sex offender registry are widespread and can greatly inhibit your ability to carry out your life as usual.
First Aid Do's and Don'ts for Heart Attacks

Beat the Odds: First Aid Do’s and Don’ts for Heart Attacks

for someone to perform CPR until this help can be obtained. CPR may mean the difference between life and death for this individual.
isolation transformers

Isolation Transformers: Basics & How They Work

one of the most common are transformers, and among them, the one we will pay special attention to today, is the Isolation Transformer