Choosing the Right Centre for Success in IVF is Important

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Yes, it is very important to choose the right center for IVF success because it is a matter of your health and your baby for who you were struggling from a long period of time and IVF center plays an important role in achieving your dream which is your baby. The best way to choose the right IVF center is that you visit the center and meet the fertility expert and ask as many as questions in your mind related to your IVF treatment. Also, check whether the fertility expert is confident enough to answer all your queries and had explained to you that is IVF is good for you or not because this is a major decision as you need to undergo for high dosage of fertility drugs and also it’s a lengthy procedure which requires a lot of emotional, mental and financial support.


If you visit the hospitals under Select IVF India where Dr. Nalini Gupta with her team of other professionals is there to help you within and out of the IVF treatment and without examination she will not begin the treatment. She checks whether IVF suits your body or not. If she found that your body is not fit or IVF treatment she will suggest the other assisted reproductive treatments which help you to have your own baby.

What are the other assisted reproductive treatments available at Select IVF India?

There are various assisted reproductive treatments available at Select IVF India and following are some commonly used procedures:


ICSI is the procedure which is usually performed to identify the cause of infertility in male members due to which a fertile woman is unable to conceive a baby. In this procedure, the fertility expert will directly inject your husband’s single active sperm into each egg of yours to facilitate fertilization.

b)Egg donation:

This procedure is useful for the women who are unable to produce good quality of eggs for fertilization. In this procedure, Dr. Nalini Gupta will fertilize the donor eggs with the sperm of intended father to facilitate fertilization and once the fertilization takes place your skilled embryologist will transfer the best-chosen embryo into your uterus and you will carry a baby for the full term.


This is an advanced procedure which is useful for those women who are unable to carry the pregnancy in their own womb and need some extra assistance in conception. In this procedure, Dr. Nalini Gupta will fertilize the eggs of the surrogate mother with the sperm of the intended father and place the resulted embryo into the uterus of a surrogate mother. She will then carry the pregnancy in her womb for nine months and after that hand-over the baby to intended parents.

Success rates of Select IVF India

The success rates of Select IVF India centers for taking the baby home is around 75 to 85% which is quite high as compared to the success rates of other developed countries. The success rates of this center are high because here we have highly qualified fertility experts along with a team of experienced professionals.

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