It’s no secret that currently the Egyptian economy is not doing very well… at all.
Hopefully, the recent radical decisions taken by the government, and the Central Bank of Egypt will slowly rectify the damage. Well, they’d better do, because these recent reforms have been unpopular with most people. The restrictions on importation, the higher taxes, and the inflexibility of overseas spending have had many people (and businesses) steaming with fury.

The government is saying that these decisions are a necessary evil, at the least for the time being. We, at “EL MENS” believe in taking a positive stance. More importantly, we believe in Egypt’s ability to overcome obstacles – we know; it sounds a bit cheesy, but we really do…

That’s why we’re launching the #EG100100 initiative. Many people would like to buy Egyptian products, whether willingly – in order to assist the economy, or unwillingly – because imported products are becoming increasingly-expensive. No matter which camp you belong to, you might want to ditch many imported products, but you don’t know that Egyptian alternatives even exist.

That’s where we come in; in the coming period of time we intend to shed some light on products that are 100% Egyptian (Masry 100 fi el 100). It doesn’t matter if it’s produced by a huge local industrial giant, or a small family-owned business; if it’s 100% Egyptian, it deserves our (and your) attention.

However, no matter how hard we research the subject, we will never be able to point out to the vast array of available products. That’s where you guys come in. If you know a product that’s 100% Egyptian and that happens to be excellent (or 100 100), just post about it in the social medium of your choice, while including #Egyptian100100 in your post. We will find your post via the hashtag, and then share it on our website, and social media to increase awareness for as many local products as possible.

Of course, everything has to start somewhere; so here are the first products that deserve the #EG100100 hashtag in no particular order:

1- Isis for Food Industries

Long before the profusion of the “eat clean” concept, Isis were the masters of organic products. Since 1997, Isis have been providing the market with a whole range of products ranging from tea to herbs and honey, that are free of any artificial additives or preservatives.

Check their wide range of products here:
Instagram: @ISIS_Organic
Twitter: @ISIS_Organic

2- Hassan Allam Holding

Founded in the 1930s, Hassan Allam Holding is one of Egypt’s largest and best known construction and property groups, with two fully owned subsidiary companies: Hassan Allam Construction and Hassan Allam Properties. With a large portfolio of projects, such as Swan Lake, Seasons, and Little Venice, continue to provide luxury residential communities and holiday resorts to Egypt and the region.

You can check out their projects here:
Instagram: @HassanAllamProperties

3- Bey2ollak

One of the first all-Egyptian startups of the digital age, since 2010 Bey2ollak has been the go-to app for manoeuvring the ever-crowded streets of major Egyptian cities.
If you’re already reading this article, chances are you already know all about Bey2ollak, but if in case you don’t already know, you can check out their app and traffic updates here:
Twitter: @bey2ollak
Instagram: @bey2ollak

4- Domty

Established in 1990, Domty has been producing a vast array of consumer products, ranging from cheese to juice. Domty’s ability to produce premium-quality food products has been recently crowned with its recent IPO, signalling it as one of the main players in its sector.

Check out their ever-growing range of products here: ,
Instagram: @Domty_cheese , @Domty_juice

5- Dalydress

Born in 1981 as a lifestyle Egyptian fashion brand for men and women, Dalydress was originally set up to commercialize menswear. However, in 1992 a new team was created to launch a complete collection of womenswear ranging from casual styles to the urban, sophisticated look. With the growing-availability of international brands in Egypt, Dalydress still provides an all-Egyptian alternative to clothes-shopping.

Check out their range of clothes and accessories here:
Instagram: @dalydress_official


A pioneer in its field, Rich Bake has been providing the market with freshly-baked, preservative-free, pre-packaged bread since 1997. Constantly adding new products to their portfolio, such as the health-conscious “well-being” line of bakeries, their brand is constantly getting stronger.

Check them out here:
Instagram: @richbakeegypt


Nola is the epitome of an Egyptian startup gone wild… wildly successful, that is. Specialized in gourmet cupcakes, Nola was the first of its kind  in Egypt. Their diversified menu now includes cakes, cake pops, cheese cakes, as well as their signature cupcakes.

Feast your eyes on their creations here:
Instagram : @nolacupcakes

8-ASFOUR Crystal

Since its establishment in 1961, ASFOUR Crystal has been providing fine-quality transparent and coloured crystals to Egypt and the world. Today, ASFOUR is the world’s largest producer of full lead crystal; the world’s biggest built-up facility for crystal production; the world’s single largest employer of skilled crystal craftsmen and women; and the world’s most used crystal brand by international chandelier manufacturers. Well done!

Check out their shiny creations here:
Instagram: @asfourcrystalofficial

9-El Gouna

Established in 1989, the self-proclaimed ‘paradise out of desert’ is located twenty five kilometers north of Hurghada. It’s a mere four-hour flight from Europe’s major capitals. Comprised of islands, lagoons and secluded sandy beaches, the town is a leisure paradise, featuring seventeen hotels, a lot of activities, dining options, and a bustling night life. El Gouna is truly one-of-a-kind.

Check it out here:
Twitter: @elgounaredsea
Instagram: @elgounaredsea

10-Amr Helmy Designs

Established in 1980, Amr Helmy Designs is the leading kitchen manufacturer in the Middle-East. The Egyptian designer has been designing “D.N.A. kitchens”, which means kitchens with genetic architectural heritage from the world’s diversified cultures. Kitchens by Amr Helmy Designs have been sold and celebrated all around the world.

Check out their creations here:

Feel free to share these photos and add the hashtag to all your outings, meals, shopping sprees, or whatever activity you’re using an Egyptian 100% product. Support #EG100100

Also, if you can think of an Egyptian 100% product or service that you believe is worth mentioning, leave it in the comment section below…..