A single 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar is a wonderful addition to any coin collection. It’s also an excellent way of adding more silver bullion to your portfolio.

One reason why the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar is such a valuable collectible is its limited supply and high demand. The United States Mint only produced around 165,000-175,000 pieces during that year, so there aren’t many coins for collectors and investors to buy.

Read on to learn more about this fascinating coin and other fun facts about the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar.

1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

1. Morgan Silver Dollar is Famous

The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar has been called the most famous coin in American history. It’s not hard to see why. This coin was designed by George T. Morgan, who was commissioned by the United States Mint to create a new design for its silver dollars in 1878. The end result is something that looks like it came straight out of a fantasy novel.

The obverse features Lady Liberty with flowing hair and an eagle on the reverse clutching arrows in one talon and an olive branch in the other—symbolizing America’s strength and peace-seeking intentions as world powers waged war across Europe during this period.

2. The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Was Only Minted at the Philadelphia Mint

The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar is a very rare coin, which makes them valuable. The initial 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar was only minted at the Philadelphia Mint so it’s no surprise that they are so hard to find.

However, due to increased demand for the coins, other mints, including the New Orleans Mint and the Denver Mint started producing the Morgan Silver Dollar.

3. Morgan Silver Dollars were Designed by George T. Morgan

The coin was designed by George T. Morgan, who created it in 1878. The original design included Lady Liberty and an eagle on one side, which has remained the same since its creation.

The reason for this is that the coin was meant to be a full dollar rather than half of one, but Congress passed legislation allowing it to be minted later on in 1878.

1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

4. The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar is 90% Silver

The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar is 90% silver and 10% copper, making it one of the most valuable of all the Morgan Silver Dollars. The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar contains 412.5 grains of silver and has a diameter of 38.1 millimeters (1.5 inches). Coins made from 2021 onwards are 99.9% Silver.

5. The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Gets Its Name From Its Designer

The coin is named after its designer, George T. Morgan.

Morgan was born in London, England and later emigrated to the United States where he became a naturalized citizen. He quickly went on to become one of America’s most influential sculptors and die engravers. He also designed the reverse of the McKinley Birthplace Memorial gold dollar and Columbian Exposition half dollar.

In Conclusion

The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar is a beautiful and historic example of American coinage. It was designed by George T. Morgan, who was responsible for many other designs in the United States Mint collection. The coin has a rich history that is worth learning about if you want to add this piece to your collection of coins.