Courts are one of the most challenging places that you will ever come across in your life. The legality, formality and documentation processes are all a stringent burden on your head. Many of us hate going to the court primarily because of the rationale behind going to court which is basically settling disputes between two individuals or parties.

However, very often in our life we are forced to attend court proceedings for some reason or the other. Some may be visiting the court regularly for a crime they may have committed and some may visit the court from dispute resolutions like divorce settlements etc.

How to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer That Will Win Your Case

According to a research no matter how much one tries to avoid court proceedings, you are likely to end up going to court at least two times in your life. Whatever the situation is court proceedings are a completely different art all together.

To attend a hearing you must first make sure you reach on time, you know which court room to go to and most importantly what you should say in front of judge and what not. All these things become easier if you have a good lawyer with you. Lawyers in a court room are like chefs in the kitchen as they know exactly what documents are required on a hearing day, what must their client say in front of the judge and what not etc.

Having the right lawyer with you is the key for you to pass court hearings. A good lawyer can swing a case in your favour and a bad lawyer can make you lose a case that you must have easily won. Lynn Pinker Hurst Schwegmann is a team of dedicated and determined attorneys who have years of experience behind their belt. LPHS is a powerhouse when it comes to case hearings and proceedings. Their knowledge of litigation matters, experience in advocative issues and unparalleled commitment to client help is what makes them one of the most renowned and respected law firms in the country.


The lawyers at LPHS come from various backgrounds and specialize in different law matters whether it be business law, inheritance law, divorce law and property law etc. The tagline the firm uses to advertise itself to its clients states, “We are relentless, always, and the will to win propels us.” The tagline itself has a huge magnificent aura to itself which makes a first time client comfortable with the firm’s commitment to winning cases.

LPHS has an outstanding track record in advocating not only individual cases but also in advocating cases of large firms belonging to different fields of life like property groups, FMCGs and financial companies etc. One of their very famous cases that the company won was when it represented Energy Transfers Ltd. in a litigation case worth over 500 million USD. LPHS also represented Sara Lee Corporation in a very media covered court hearing and won it for them. The examples of commitment and winning cases are endless. The track record speaks for itself.


Next time if you somehow land into the lap of the court, you know who to contact. Customers are the first priority at Lynn, Pinker, Hurst & Schwegmann.