The Desk – a leading coworking space in Islamabad stretches its operations and entered into business incubation services in Islamabad. This expansion of services came in light of the growing startup culture in Pakistan.

When it comes to launching innovative startups, the Pakistani nation leaves no stone unturned. Over the years, the startup industry has witnessed numerous lucrative ventures that are changing people’s lives and creating a range of employment opportunities.

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The Desk Start Incubation Center is launched to support local budding entrepreneurs and tech startups enthusiasts to venture into their idea and turn them a fully grown business. Despite the resent surge witnessed in Pakistani startup ecosystem, the country is still somehow reluctant to support and encourage investing in new ideas. The lack of not having a widespread venture capitalism culture, many young people with business ideas stay on the back foot to actually kick-off.

The Desk Start Incubation Center offers young individuals and students with a launchpad and professional resources to incubate and grow. With a conducive work environment and support of IT and tech professionals and all administrative facilities under one roof, The Desk Start Incubation center’s is determent to make budding business sustainable.

Will all amenities available, The Desk Start Incubation allows startup enthusiasts to be more focused on their business plans and worry less about seed money and investment. The crew at The Desk Start brings you a step close to realizing your dream idea by networking you with protentional investors and venture capitalists.

Startup newbies who are somehow unable to get professional assistance, proper mentorship, and a friendly and progressive environment where their business ideas are heard must get into TheDesk Start. It’s an amazing place where ideas are thrived and turned into scalable businesses.

With The Desk mentorship, all signees are expected to meet professionals from various industries and established entrepreneurs who have the vision to validate a startup idea, areas of improvement, and all the assistance required in taking up the business. Apart from all the funding resources and networking impurities, The Desk Start Incubation program also prepares teams for ideas pitching and business plan development.

The Desk Start coworking space in Islamabad, Pakistan is a sub-business unit of the reputed UnitedSol Private limited- a leading software house in Ismaabad. The company has an extensive experience of over 15 years in eCommerce solutions, web development, and design. By signinup up with TheDesk Start Incubation, you are one step away from getting hands-on experience while developing your tech startup with some of the seasoned tech gurus.

Pay a visit to The Desk for discussing business ideas and the team will assist you with all the support at their disposal.