Since we travel a lot around the globe. It’s hard to keep track of our favorite shows online with us (as we wrote before). With the IMSA Racing season coming up, it’s time to get prepared.

IMSA Racing LargeHaven’t hear of IMSA before, you Formula One fan? Well, the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) is a North American auto racing sanctioning body based in Daytona Beach, Florida, United States of America. It was started in 1969 with help from NASCAR. Beginning in 2014, IMSA is the sanctioning body of the WeatherTech SportsCar.

IMSA Racing is all about the ultimate race cars from the world’s top auto manufacturers and exciting racetracks. IMSA is a very exciting gathering of all the best parts of F1, Nascar, and Indy car racing all in one place. A little something for all race car fans like us!


Drivers as Davide Rigone, Cooper Mcnell, Corey Lewis and the Hottie Aurora Straus, who win our hearts every year!

Awesome cars include BMWs, Fords, Chevrolets, Porches, Ferraris,Lamborghini and more! All competing for the prize and our hearts.

IMSA racing
IMSA racing channel streaming in HD!

So first make sure the transmission is OK. I added the streaming device and hopped on the YouTube channel for IMSA Racing and VOILA!!! All the awesome cars and drivers that We’ve been waiting for since last year came rolling by.

IMSA racing
Chicken and Beef nibbles

Then we got an amazing recipe online for chicken and beef nibbles (we’ll post the recipe later) and tried it so everything’s perfect and ready when the tournament starts.

Lastly, we’re counting the days till the hype starts and the fun is here. Till then we’ll keep you posted. Check us later for updates.

For more details about the IMSA Racing, click here.