Many people love exploring the mountains to find adventure and fun. For that, you can choose many off-road vehicles that are perfect for mountain driving. In this article, we will cover the 10 Can Am accessories to have for a better off-road experience in the mountains:


Photo by Tyler Lastovich from Pexels

1. Snorkel Kit

The snorkel kit is a must-have for those who travel in an off-road vehicle. The snorkel kit is installed on the upper side of the vehicle’s front windshield. It directs water away from the engine, thus preventing it from overheating. Instead, the water would flow into the intake and then into an external reservoir.

2. Engine Skids

They offer another layer of protection to the motor, protecting it against rocks and debris should it fall off the vehicle while in off-road mode. They are designed to fix the engine, even if the car goes over a rock or similar obstacles. There is enough space for your feet and feet that allow you to push yourself out of danger should a problem arise. They are also equipped with a small winch. It can be used to lift the vehicle if you are stuck in mud or snow.

3. Air Dam

The air dam is made of aluminum and gives the vehicle a more aggressive look. It’s designed for off-roading and comes with lights that would help spot your car at night when it’s difficult to see in the dark. They also have sidesteps that help with braking and turning, thus making it easier for you to control the vehicle during off-road driving. The side step is between the front wheels, giving you more space to breathe when on a slippery surface.

4. Front and Rear Bumpers

The front bumper is designed to help protect the vehicle from more considerable obstacles, and the rear bumper gives protection against more minor obstacles. They come with lights that help spot your vehicle during off-road driving in the dark, making it easier for you to control the car. The front bumper comes with an air intake and an onboard winch.

5. Rock Rails

Rock rails are poles that provide an extra layer of protection for the vehicle’s body. They come with a metal frame fixed around the side of the car and give a different look to your vehicle.

6. Leather Accessories

The leather accessories were designed to increase comfort while off-roading and give it an aggressive look. The seats come in different colors and sizes, so you can choose what best suits your taste and needs. They are also equipped with a built-in cooler.

7. Front Tow Hooks

These are ideal for those who want to take their vehicle off the road to enjoy the scenery and experience off-roading but still want to keep the vehicle’s weight off their shoulders. The hooks on these accessories can be used by two people, thus helping you if you need help. They are also equipped with airbags that absorb most of the impact when your vehicle falls over and keep your car firm during rough terrain.

8. Rear Tow Hooks

They are designed to help you move a vehicle out of your way when two cars are connected. Also, they can be used to pull smaller vehicles out of the mud. They come with lights that would help you see better when driving at night.

9. Rugged Fuel Tanks

These fuel tanks are made from a material resistant to rust and corrosion to ensure their durability. They also come with a protective shield on the outside, and some even have blackouts, which would make it easier for you to blend into your surroundings during the night.

10. Spare Tire Carrier

These carriers are designed to hold a spare tire and help reduce fuel usage. They also make it easier for you to switch between a damaged tire and the light if you run into an obstacle that damages your tire. The mounting system for the spares is made of aluminum material that resists rust and corrosion.

The Bottom Line

These accessories are the most important ones when it comes to taking your off-roader on the mountain trails. They will keep you safe and make your ride as enjoyable as possible. In addition, it will help you maximize your experience to the best possibilities of your enhanced four-wheeler.