Vredestein is a large company producing tires for all kinds of cars, trucks, and other machines. The company was founded in 1909 in Jenshede in the Netherlands and was a large manufactory. In the period from 1946 to 2009, changed owners of the company who invested in its development enormous resources, contributing to the dynamic development of the enterprise. And in 2009 the manufacturer became a subsidiary of Indian Apollo Tyres. Currently, at the disposal of Vredestein, there is an excellent raw materials base, research laboratory, and a huge distribution network, due to which the company is considered a significant representative of the global tire industry.

The main advantages of products – design, innovative technology, quality, and safe operation. More about all Vredestein models and their results in the reputable tests you can read on https://tirespace.net/.

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Car tires are designed for difficult road conditions and harsh climates, so they have impeccable driving characteristics, powerful grip and braking qualities, responsive handling, and driving stability. Rubber is made with innovative components, which contribute to the ease of rolling, high wear resistance, durability, and heat resistance. Thanks to their properties, Vredestein tires are fuel-efficient, long-lasting, and have a fairly high level of comfort, both driving and acoustic. The quality of the products and the high level of service are proof of the company’s commitment to its customers and clients. Vredestein develops and manufactures premium tires for a wide range of vehicles and all climatic conditions. To keep its leading position the company regularly launches the most progressive novelties.

The new portal Tyres Press reports that at the beginning of this year, the Dutch tire brand Vredestein has introduced a brand new line of Ultrac summer tires. The new Ultrac, developed by global R&D center Apollo Tyres in the Netherlands with a focus on safety and comfort, is available in sizes from 15 to 18 inches.

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The company claims that the new Ultrac line performs 15% better than its predecessors in dry and wet conditions and delivers excellent handling and cornering characteristics thanks to an expanded tire cavity with a more square footprint, a stiffer tread pattern, and a central rib with a parabolic cross-section. A 5 percent improvement in rolling resistance is also claimed.

Vredestein reports that its research and development team used the new-generation tread compound technology to improve braking by 10 percent over the previous model on dry and wet surfaces. This is because the new Ultrac tire has a 50% increase in unique, traction-enhancing silica and resin components combined with multifunctional polymers.

Cushioning is improved with reduced apex height, an optimized sidewall design, and a larger flex zone for a quieter ride. Also, the tire pitch sequence has been optimized for different tire diameters to improve acoustic comfort.

The company says that since summer tires remain the dominant choice for motorists in many European markets, the new Ultrac variant is very important to the brand, as the new offering is designed to strengthen its position in key markets.