The job market is competitive, with everyone trying to earn a living most creatively. Those who want to thrive ought to devise ways that will allow them to make money even when some situations prove intricate. Apart from the physical offices and businesses that people venture into, the online marketplace is a viable business platform.

Students in colleges look for part-time jobs where they have to report to their places of work daily. At times it can be hard with the overwhelming academic work that they ought to complete.

Students can consider various business ideas to help them make extra money online and still concentrate on their studies. Technology has made all that possible through phones, tabs, and computers to make online transactions. Make money in the comfort of your home in the following ways.

YouTube Entrepreneurship

Many people have interacted with YouTube to watch videos, follow some programs, and other activities without knowing how to make money from the same. It is simple; you can create personal homemade videos on YouTube for public consumption and, in return, make money from it.

If you are creative enough to provide YouTube users with what they want to know or hear, then you are well-placed to make extra money as you continue with your daily routine. Some of the videos include simple recipes, life hacks, training and so on. Identify something you love doing and devise how you can use it to make money on YouTube.

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Online Writing

Do you have good writing skills and can do a fancy piece? Writing can be a good venture for making money. Online writing is broad, and anyone with impressive writing skills, including students, can make money out of it.

You can work for an online writing company as their writer or editor, and you get paid per piece of work done. Many people earn a livelihood from this. As a student, you can write an article for a client online at the comfort of your home and make extra cash for your financial needs.

If you want to know the best company to work with, there are several review sites online, such as, with detailed information about their services and authors. Many writing companies pose as potential employers online; it is wise to investigate their legality and rewarding system.

For example, if you read the Edubirdie review, you will know whether it is an excellent platform to make money as a writer. Blogging is similarly a lucrative venture for people who desire to work online. You can have your blog and provide engaging content for your readers. If you like to work for an existing blog, you will still find it interesting and rewarding.

Watch and Rate Videos

Not everyone would want to create their videos and upload them online for money. Some prefer to watch other people’s videos. You can still make money this way. When you watch a video online and rate it for clients, you can get paid for that. You can familiarize yourself with sites that offer opportunities such as responding to surveys and other small jobs that are equally rewarding.Most of such videos from these sites are promotional, and when you watch and rate them, the client pays you.

Selling Products on eBay and Other Online Markets

Online marketplaces have increased with the advanced technology seen in the current generation. People sell and buy goods on such sites as eBay. If you have good marketing skills, this is a good starting point for making money online. Once you have good products with reasonable profit margins, you will enjoy rising financially at the comfort of your residence.

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Doing Some Gigs

Gigs are small services offered through an online platform for pay. People connect and offer simple services such as data entry, creating posts on social media, among other business-related services. Students can bloom through this even though it may seem like a simple task to do. The more you interact with clients online and offer your unrelenting support to their businesses, the more you enjoy the rewards.

If you are a student, all the above ideas can work for you as long as you plan yourself well. You can make money without necessarily having to go through the hassle of traveling to a workplace.

Work on your computer and make extra money for personal use. When your academic work is overwhelming, you can hire someone to help you write your essays as you work on your online business. You can also click on for more helpful tips to adopt as a student and make life more productive and enjoyable.