Our lives have been transformed by proximity switches, a revolutionary technology. People have started using this unique technology for everyday tasks since it became available for mass production. But once this product reached the local market, things got out of hand. There are companies that make proximity switches that go bad after a few months.

However, you will not get deceived as we have done the research and found out that Omch provides the best proximity switch. Well, no worries as we are here to describe to you the best proximity switch and from China no one can beat their quality. Having been in this industry for a long time, this company has developed a pattern that is both effective and lasts a long time.

Proximity Switch

Proximity Switch Technical Features

The main attraction of proximity switches is their technical features. The proximity sensor has nothing but services and you will be amazed at just how many features it offers. A proximity switch features the following features:

  • The proximity switch does not require direct contact, which is one of its main advantages.
  • By creating an electromagnetic field, proximity switches can be used to reflect human interaction, resulting in information being sent to designated areas.
  • Different types of contact will reflect from it; in the case of human contact, this includes the detection of human temperature, and it can detect metals as well. Further, only humans will be able to use this and other objects will not.
  • Proximity switches have a very fast response time. Internet data and even Ethernet data are relatively slow compared to proximity switches. In addition, the matter can be handled without the need for powerful hardware or software.
  • Its size makes it suitable for a wide variety of purposes, depending on the circumstances. These include mobile devices, industrial places, and many more

Applications Of Proximity Switches

According to the activity they perform, proximity switches have various applications. They are mainly used in industry, but some are also used by consumers. Below are a few of the most commonly used places:

  • One of the most common places to see proximity switches is on the production line. Automated machines are mostly used in the manufacturing and production industries. Proximity switches are used in these machines. Basically, this technology is used to locate anything, detect before it gets to the line, inspect, and count.
  • This technology is primarily used in smartphones. Over time, the sensor has become more powerful. It used to be that proximity sensors on smartphones only detected distance, but now they also detect speed, structure, and even different elements.
  • This unique device is also popular with vehicles. This proximity switch is what allows vehicles to detect collisions. You will find this feature in vehicles today. Though the item may seem small, it changed the world.

Why Did You Choose OMCH

As you can see from the introduction, OMCA is one of the biggest providers of proximity switches. Sensors made by these companies have one of the highest quality materials and last longer than those from any other company. It is the quality of both the product itself and the service it provides that makes the difference between a normal and an OMCA proximity sensor.

Their proximity switches are replaceable, and they have a good selection to choose from. At OMCA, they have access to a number of types of proximity sensors and can even manufacture sensors that meet the client’s specifications. OMCH providing the best proximity switch is not new in the industry and there is no doubt about their quality. They provide the best deal within China and they are reliable.


OMCA provides the best proximity switches for those who are new to proximity switches. From the point of view of the build material and the whole device, they are doing things completely differently than local markets.

Comparing them between companies is always an option, but we don’t think it is necessary. There is a variety of proximity switches offered by these companies. You can find more information on their websites.