There is so much to do and experience out there than just being stuck with your tablets and smartphones! If your family’s weekend is a routine of going to the dining table, eat and get back to the room with your gadgets, then maybe it’s time to make an overhaul on your usual weekend routine! You can also plan out a different type of outdoor activity like a treetop ropes course which involves both adults and children of your family.

You know, there is something different with outdoor activities, it is something that can be easily enjoyed, imprints lasting memories and it is just so joyful. What excuses can you make not to make an outdoor activity a part of your weekend family bonding?

Start making weekends something to look out for by the whole family with these fun and energy-filled activities that are light-years away from your usual, bland weekend routine.


Why not arrange mini-field trips for your children every weekend? Schools today place their students year after year on the same destinations, why not make your own, which, you know, can be more exciting!. One of the easiest ‘mini-field trips’ you can arrange for your children is a visit to a fire station. Yes, you’ve seen it right, A Fire Station. 

Since field trips are meant to be educational, this place is perfect to meet and greet the unsung heroes that save a community from the devastating tongues of fire. It is also an excellent lesson for your children that doing something good should not always come with credits and popularity.

You must arrange it at least a week before the weekend arrives, so the people at the fire station can prepare for you and your kids’ visit.

Fun Games & Competitions for Kids to Play


One activity that would provide tremendous lessons for your kids is Volunteering. There is a long list of causes to choose from, from the environment, poverty, literacy and so on. It would be good if you introduce something that you personally believe and love, but it is also good to ask your children what cause they want to support. You have to mold that question into something that they can grasp, or print some large pictures of the causes you want them to get involved in, and let them choose. This kind of weekend would literally make a difference!


Maybe it’s time for your children to know exactly where the fish they eat comes from. With their smartphone-tablet centric life, fishing can be a breath of fresh air for them.

When choosing the right equipment, you should be careful about the sources. Never make the mistake of consulting the construction world composed of your old-time pals. What they’re good at is in constructing. What you should do is seek advice from fishing sites, like the fishing supply world. They are sellers and advocates who have turned fishing into their hobbies.

It’s a great way to bond as everybody is involved in this activity, and to have a great catch; everyone must help one another in catching those wiggly fishes.

There can be no greater feeling than eating your own catch! Yum! Caution: your youngest daughter might not yet be ready to give up her newfound pet.  Also, certain permits and regulations are needed to conduct this activity. Even though this is meant to be a recreational activity, you are expected to comply with the existing requirements and regulations of your local community.


When it comes to teaching kids about healthy habits, it’s best to start them young. Healthy habits take time to develop and take root. One way you can instill these habits in your children is to make them fun to do. Regular exercise is one of the most important healthy habits children should develop. Cycling, a popular outdoor activity, is also a form of exercise.

Cycling regularly will benefit the entire family’s health and bring your relationship closer. That said, make time to go cycling with the whole family for 30 minutes every day or on the weekends. When the kids are old enough, take them on long bike rides on local biking trails so they can find more fun and challenge in the activity. Going on bike rides frequently as a family will increase the likelihood that the kids will continue riding even as they grow up.

For older kids, let them experience the thrill of riding a sleek powerful electric bike. Compared to a regular mountain bike, e-bikes offer more stamina, dynamics, and responsiveness. The result is a sweet ride that will pump up their adrenaline and raise the thrill! Whether you have teen or adult children, you’ll never go wrong with giving them such an incredible, exhilarating riding experience.

For parents who are thrill seekers, there are many options to get more excitement from cycling. One is trying mountain biking, and another is riding a motorized bike. You can go on adventure rides with your partner, but let the kids grow old and skilled enough before taking them on more difficult rides.


We’ve been into the fire station, into the causes, into the rivers, and into treasures, why not up in the air next? Let your kids appreciate the world more with a hot air balloon trip!

Expect that they would have jitters at first, but only you have the magical powers to calm and convince them, right?

It would be a really really cool outdoor activity to let your children experience a bird’s eye-view of the world. The view of the world up there is truly different, magnificent. It’s just really great!