Did you know that around one in seven Americans will struggle with addiction at some point in their lives? Whether you have problems with alcohol or drugs, there comes a point where you may not have the resources to stop on your own. And if left untreated, your addiction can lead to devastating relationship, career, and health issues.

The good news is that you can recognize when it’s time to seek professional help to live a healthier life. Take a look at these five signs you need alcohol rehab or drugs rehab.

Rehab 101: How to Choose Between Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment

1. Your Substance Use Has Led to Dangerous Acts

Has your use of alcohol or drugs has led to issues like intoxicated driving, violence, or self-harm? Then this indicates you need to find a drug rehab center.

When under the influence, you can lose touch with reality and not safely be able to function with basic tasks. A single incident can lead to serious harm or even death, so seeking outpatient or inpatient rehab is crucial.

2. Your Health Has Suffered

Did your doctor recently mention health concerns like breathing issues, lack of mental clarity, or heart problems? Such issues can come from the use of substances like alcohol and opiates and can lead to serious damage or even death over time.

Even if you don’t see a doctor regularly, make note of any odd symptoms you notice. You can talk to a doctor or counselor about these and find the link to your addiction.

3. You’re Not Satisfied With Life

Do you feel dissatisfied with life due to the toll your addiction has made? Facing addiction can easily cause issues like financial struggles and problems with family, friends, and work.

If your struggle makes you unhappy and demotivated, seek professional help. You may prefer the idea that you can fight your addiction on your own, but rehab centers can offer a structured way to get you back on track to a more fulfilling life.

4. You Struggle With Withdrawal Symptoms

Have you tried to cut down on or quit your substance use but struggle with bad side effects? Quitting substances can lead to both mental and physical effects like anxiety, headaches, nausea, and irritability.

For the best chance of getting rid of your addiction for good, you need to know how to safely detox. A rehab treatment center will know how to wean you off the substance safely and minimize these effects.

5. You Feel You’ve Lost Control of Your Substance Use

How many times have you tried to control your substance abuse and failed? If you find that you keep turning to drugs and alcohol despite wanting to stop, you really need to seek alcohol or drug rehab.

Watch out as well for friends and family commenting on the issue. Their concerns can further indicate your lack of control.

Start Your Path to Rehab Today

What Is a Typical Day in a Rehabilitation Facility Like?

If you recognize any of these signs, consider meeting with a substance abuse counselor. They can help you explore your options for inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab programs and set up some goals.

When comparing rehab options, ask about treatment options, fees, and amenities. You’ll also want to make sure the program has a sufficient length.

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