Invisalign for teenagers can be best described as being clear plastic teeth aligners which can be used to straighten your teeth over time. Invisalign dental has been rising in popularity in Australia, due to the fact that they eliminate the need for wire or metal braces. In addition to that, since the aligners are removable they don’t interfere with brushing, flossing or eating. Even though it was initially designed for adults, the manufactures have since made Invisalign Teen, which are plastic teeth aligners which have been specifically made for teenagers who have crowded, crooked or uneven teeth. In today’s post, we take a closer look at what parents in Australia need to know when it comes to getting Invisalign dental for teens.


1) Almost Invisible

Most teenagers are extremely self-conscious about the way they look. In some cases, they may balk at the idea of using braces as a result of this fact. Due to the fact that this type of aligner is almost invisible, they can prove to be especially beneficial to teenagers who are concerned about their appearance.

2) Made Specifically For Teeth

Unlike adults, whose teeth have already reached maturity, teenagers have teeth that still need time to grow and settle. Invisalign for teenagers, were specifically made to adapt to a child’s growing teeth.

3) Cost Just As Much As Metal Braces

One of the primary reasons why many parents decide to get their teenager metal braces, is due to the misconception that metal braces are much cheaper than other treatment solutions. While it may be true that Invisalign was considered to be one of the most expensive teeth alignment treatment options, in today’s world, this treatment costs just as much as metal braces. Additionally, insurance companies that cover metal braces cover Invisalign for teenagers as well. You may search for Invisalign providers near me online so you would know how much it costs in your area.

4) Doesn’t Disrupt Teens Life

Another concern that many parents have, is that they believe that Invisalign in Gordon requires more maintenance than braces. As such, they falsely assume that it’ll interfere with their teens life, especially if they partake in an extracurricular activity such as sports. The truth of the matter is that teenagers need to wear their aligners for at least 22 hours per day. This gives them an adequate amount of time to take them out so that they can eat, or do an activity that might aggravate the aligner such as eating. However, as mentioned above this type of aligner was specifically made for teenagers. Therefore, they are discreet enough to be worn during a sports related activity and will not interfere with your teen’s life.

5) Fewer Visits To The Dentist

Let’s be honest, even though teens don’t have as many responsibilities as a typical adult, they tend to live busy lives. If you live in a rural area and have been looking for a more convenient teeth alignment solution, Invisalign is what you need. It requires fewer trips to the dental office than other kind of orthodontic treatments. For instance, metal braces are only able to move teeth after the wires get adjusted. This has to be done at least two times per month. Depending on you and your teen’s schedule, this may prove to be highly inconvenient because it could mean taking time off work or school every single month.

6) No Diet Restrictions

Whenever someone gets metal braces, the dentist provides them with a list of different foods and beverages they need to avoid while using them. Some of those include:

  • Spicy Food
  • Citrus Food
  • Pretzels
  • Bagels
  • Chewing Gum
  • Pizza
  • Uncooked Vegetables
  • Ice cream
  • Certain Cuts Of Meat

While the typical adult in Australia may have a relatively easy time adhering to the diet restrictions that their orthodontist has placed, the same can’t be said about teenagers who are known to break the rules. Based on the fact that these types of aligners can be taken out, they can remove them whenever they sit down for a meal. As such, there aren’t any diet restrictions when it comes to using this type of treatment solution.

7) Decreased Cavity Risk

Did you know that teenagers who wear metal braces face a higher risk of getting cavities than teenagers who don’t wear metal braces? This is because there are areas on metal braces, that make them ideal for trapping food and plaque. That risk is essentially non-existent with Invisalign for teenagers, because they can be removed prior to brushing your teeth or eating.

8) Replacement Aligners

Some parents may feel that their child is too immature or irresponsible to care for their aligners. As such, they fear that if they get one, they’ll lose it. Based on the expenses that are associated with going to the dentist in general, this is a genuine concern that many parents have regarding Invisalign in Chatswood. But, the manufacturers of this treatment solution are well aware of the fact that teens tend to be irresponsible sometimes. This is why each treatment solution comes with 6 replacement aligners.

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By using other orthodontic treatments in Australia such as braces, you will have to go to the dental office every other week. With Invisalign in Chatswood, you only have to make an appointment, once every six weeks. Contact us today, and learn how it can help to give your teen the smile they deserve.