Cancer has spread everywhere with no way to stop it. Every house hold has at least one victim of the disease.

There is no exact way to combat or what causes it so scientists can reduce cancer. Although many studies have related several carcinogens to the pathology including smoking, obesity, alcohol, genetics, etc.

We here have research several ways to reduce your cancer risk as dictated by World Health Organization.

9 Ways to Reduce Cancer Now

1.Do not smoke or use any form of tobacco. Make your home smoke-free as even passive smoking can cause lung and bladder cancer.

no smkoing2.Enjoy a healthy diet. That means no high carbohydrates diet, eating lots of fibers to reduce colon cancer and antioxidants that make the cells fight cancer cells.

salad fitness3.Breastfeeding reduces also the mother’s cancer risk. So advise your wife to keep breastfeeding as much as possible and to do a regular periodic mammogram check.

Support the fight4.Vaccinate yourself and family against Hepatitis B and HPV. That has proven to reduce liver and cervical cancer.

Vaccination Injection5.Avoid too much sun, use sun protection. Many skin cancers originate from heavy exposure to sunlight over the years.

6.Reduce indoor and outdoor air pollution. Use clean solar energy or alternatives. Read how we did in California.

save energy california7.Be physically active, that is to keep a healthy lifestyle not just to reduce cancer risk.

exercise TV
8.Limit alcohol intake. Your liver will not fight cancer if there is no reserve. Alcohol has also been linked to liver cancer. Just cut your intake!

stop drinking9.Take part in organized cancer screening programs. Seek medical help, go to your general practitioner and to screening campaigns and get your organs screened especially if you;re hitting 40 years.

Doctor Banana

Thus article was written by an MD. If you have any questions, leave in the comment section below….