Do you have a tooth or teeth missing? Consider Dental Implants if this is the situation. Tooth replacement with Bellevue dental implants is a permanent solution to lost teeth. Missing teeth may negatively impact a person’s oral health in various ways. If left untreated, it might lead to difficulty chewing. In addition, it has a significant unfavorable influence on the structure.

Furthermore, it noticeably alters someone’s grin. Implants, on the other hand, are not suitable for everyone. Talk to your dentist about your options for returning your smile to its former glory. It is critical that you understand what qualifies someone as a suitable candidate for this kind of surgery. Here are some things to think about.

You have healthy gums.

Dental implant surgery can only be performed successfully if the patient has healthy gums. Sealing the gum tissue around your new implants as soon as they are in place is essential. This procedure may not go as planned if you have gum disease or other problems with your gums. However, in other circumstances, the gum grafts are extracted to stimulate new development surrounding the implants’ foundation.

If you currently have ample bone support.

Your jawbone truly integrates with dental implants. Some of the most critical requirements for anchoring the tooth are adequate density and quality of the bone. Implant dentistry is not always an option for younger patients whose bones have not yet matured enough to support the implants.


You are conscientious about maintaining proper dental hygiene.

Do you feel you will ruin your day if you don’t clean your teeth in the morning? Flossing should be a normal part of your daily routine. How frequently do you go to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned? These factors indicate that you will be an excellent candidate for dental implant surgery. A healthy mouth helps the implants remain in place even if they are composed of synthetic materials. Your new teeth may be in danger if, for example, you neglect cleaning, resulting in gum disease.

Good overall health.

Implant dentistry necessitates that you be in excellent health since it is a surgical procedure. Patients who smoke, consume alcohol, or have diabetes are more likely to fail. These conditions, in particular, may disrupt oral health and impact the implant’s curative process. Dental implants may still be an option if you have diabetes under control.

You are not a smoker.

There are legitimate reasons why some cosmetic dentists refuse to place dental implants in smokers. According to Science Direct, smoking significantly boosts the temperature of your mouth. When the temperature in your mouth rises, it increases the risk of infection, which may delay the healing of freshly implanted implants. Smoking is terrible for oral health, and you should avoid it if you want dental implants.

Implants, like other types of tooth replacement, serve to maintain your existing teeth in place. If you don’t get a replacement, your remaining teeth will shift to fill up the gap left by a missing tooth. Misalignment of your teeth and jaw may push your jawbone out of place. Likewise, temporomandibular joint disease may cause abnormal wear and tear, tooth loss, and other symptoms.

Your jawbone is also stimulated over time by implanted prosthetics to regenerate. As you can see, dental implants may drastically alter your life, and learning that you are a candidate is a huge relief.

The things above are just some of the factors that dentists consider to determine if a patient qualifies for dental implants. When you’re ready to get yours, you can check out dental implants in Chesapeake or one near you so they can further check if you are fully eligible for dental surgery.