Omar Samra, the Egyptian adventurer has done many magnificent stunts and challenges over the past few years.

Well now he’s teamed up with Omar Nour for another bigger challenge; crossing the Atlantic ocean!

Not content with being the first Egyptian to climb Mount Everest, Egyptian adventurer and entrepreneur Omar Samra teams up with triathlete Omar Nour to row a 7.5m long two-seater boat across the Atlantic Ocean.

The pair will be competing with other teams on the 5,000 km race and battling 15 m high waves in winter conditions, storms, sleep deprivation and being in total darkness and isolation.

Omar Samra Latest Venture Across the Atlantic!

You can catch the race’s trailer here:

We wish them both a safe journey, which starts on 12 December. Stay tuned as we’ll have more updates from the Hero while sailing his way.