A skateboard is an easy to carry personal vehicle one can use for traveling around independently that too while having fun. Electric skateboard is different from normal skateboards as its speed can be controlled by a handheld tiny device that can be easily handled with one hand without creating any hindrance in the ride and the direction of travel can be adjusted by tilting the board to one side or the other.

You can ride them on hilly path using off road skateboards and even better on the smoother once. So depending upon your budget and interest you can choose electric or non-electric skateboard. You can use break feature to get a gentle halt whenever required in an electric skateboard wherever in non-electric you gotta do it by yourself. All you need to do is pick up your board and enjoy surfing around on your ride while whistling your favorite song.

It had been almost a decade that electric skateboard had been invented, a fabulous innovation that still after a decade rule people’s heart and everyone wants to own one. It is majorly popular among kids, teenagers, and adults. And no doubt that electric skateboards are awesome and guess what? They are getting better and better, with technology advancement.

Once you get to see and know a skateboard there is a high probability that you will get one home. You can go to places and guess what it will surely save you from the traffic and the public transport stoppage every other second as you will decide the speed of your ride.

So if you make your mind or already have to get on board on an electric or even non-electric skateboard here are a few tips to learn this awesome ride:

Without further ado, here are some Ninja Tips to master skateboarding

Learn Skateboarding
Man with skateboard jumping

1. Get a suitable skateboard for yourself:

There are a variety of skateboards available such as normal boards, a little longer board and finally, you can also have custom boards as per your requirements.

But you should not compromise with the quality keeping your safety in mind, see if you can keep both legs on it comfortably and try riding it one leg on it and one on the ground and get your awesome ride home. It is suggested that you should begin with a flat board with a heavy deck so the chances of flipping off the boards are minimalistic. And the wheels and how they are attached to your board are also something you should check for a smoother riding experience.

2. Start it slow and learn steadily:

Do not rush with it, just take it slow. Firstly just learn and practice balancing – learn to stand on the board without falling and then start speeding a little and so on.

You do not have to be the skateboarding champ right after you get it. Start riding it on the smoother surfaces and grasp the skills of balancing even if it is an electric skateboard.

As you master it on the smoother areas then only start riding it at the challenging paths be it for the sole purpose of commuting or you want to ride it like the highly skilled champs who perform several interesting and amazing tricks on it. Practice and calm should be your go-to mantra.

3. Electric vs. the non-electric skateboard:

It totally depends on your budget and the understanding of the vehicle. But preferably you should begin with the electric board as it makes your work easier and half of the work is done already as with the help of technology you can control its movement, speed and halt as per your needs, you do not have to practice for such things but just the balancing.

Electric ones also have other benefits such as keeps you updated with the latest tricks and things you should take care of while riding it. Though it can be annoying at times to keep a track on battery, as it is required to ride it. Whereas in the normal board you need not worry about such things but you definitely will have to practice more to master riding it. Or you can just begin with the electric one and later shift to a non-electric one after you will have an understanding of balancing at its best.

4. Be prepared for the worst:

You should never take your safety lightly always cover yourself with the necessary safety accessories such as knee pads, wrist guards, elbow pads and most importantly a helmet. And get yourself a good pair of shoes for skating. You need to maintain a grip on and off the board while riding it as you will be kept on the flip flop your legs on the board as well as on the ground. A good pair of shoes having excellent gripping can save you in many unthinkable and uncalled situations as you never know when you need a sudden halt.

5. Do not give up:

You will fall but you will have to get up and get on the board again and then again because the one you will be able to keep yourself on it for longer you will feel no less than flying. All you need to do is to keep yourself calm and focused on the ultimate favorable results. Once you learn to stay on it then only think about moving on to performing tricks and start with the basic ones such as skating downhill, a couple of turns, jumping a little bit.