You came across wood dust accumulated on your sofa while sitting on it, or one of the pages of your favorite book has torn and become very dusty. If you are wondering why this has happened, know that it is because of termites in your house. The infestation of termites is very dangerous, as they tend to ruin walls, furniture, and even floors if left ignored. You may not even realize when they may cause a detrimental impact in your home and even feed on the foundation of the house, making it hollow.

Termites are usually not visible with naked eyes, because they are experts at hiding and usually come out in night only. But you can sense their presence when you see damaged walls, furniture dust, and other things that indicate a termite infestation. Hundreds of termites thrive together and feed on large chunks of walls, cupboards, and other things, and you may not even realize it. So, it is very important to keep your house clean and dry, as unclean and humid surfaces are the best breeding grounds for termites.

However, if your house has been already infested with termites and you have noticed their presence, it’s important to call termite control professionals at home, let them inspect the situation, and carry out the needed procedure. Some of the steps that you can take to control termite spread are:

Moisture Removal

One of the primary reasons termites thrive at home is because of moisture. Excessive moisture will cause humidity and this leads to growing and manifestation of termites at home. Installing a dehumidifier will help in removing excess moisture, and during hot summers an air conditioner can be used to keep the home cool and dry.

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Another efficient way for termite control is to repair all the leakages in the house. Leakages cause the house to decay and it leads to dampness and accumulation of moisture. If there is a leakage in the ceiling, damp walls, or basement, you should immediately get it fixed, so that there is no room for termites to thrive in the house.

Water can cause a lot of issues for property owners, especially in basements. When water leaks into a home from windowsill or basement cracks and goes unnoticed, the resulting damage can get overwhelming. The most common factors behind basement leaks are foundation Cracks, plumbing issues, poorly functioning downspouts, aging Patchwork and sealing etc. In this case you need to contact a basement waterproofing professional as soon as possible.


Keeping the home neat and tidy is very important. It keeps germs, dust, and all other pests at bay. Regularly sprucing and cleaning the house will ensure all the things are kept neatly at their place and not scattered around. You should discard old newspapers, books, and magazines regularly because termites tend to thrive on old things.

Keep Wooden Furniture Away from Soil

We all have wooden furniture at home. But regularly cleaning and getting them polished is an effective termite control method. If you have a garden or plants, then you must ensure that there is a safe distance between the garden and the wooden furniture. Termites may be present in the soil and they may find a way to your furniture.

Use Termite Repellent

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Have you heard of borate? It is a chemical that is used on wood that helps keep termites away. You must ask your carpenter to spray borate on the wooden furniture before polishing it. This will prevent the termite from thriving on your wooden furniture.


It is a good practice to allow sunlight to enter your house. If you see that your furniture or books have been infested with termites, you can keep them in the sun for a couple of days. Termites can die in excessive heat and this is a great tip for termite control.

Changing weather, dirty homes, and unhygienic conditions may lead to the infestation of termites at homes. It is very essential to regularly clean your home and get termite control done from time to time to keep termites away.

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