Your Instagram account can be a great source of income and a good marketing platform for businesses. With an Instagram account, you can give a good insight into your products and services. It can persuade customers to purchase your product and share your company profile with other internet users, therefore increasing the brand awareness of your business.


Overall, a strong Instagram profile can be very profitable if you’re looking to increase your sales, and brand awareness, or find out what your (potential) customers need.

Read this article on how you can build a strong Instagram profile to help you reach all of your business goals.


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Instagram Strategies

Instagram is an ever-changing platform. This social media platform keeps adding new functions and changing the requirements for a strong profile. For this reason, it is necessary to keep up with the changing strategies on how to make your profile easy to find and increase and keep your followers.

Some of the important aspects to keep in mind while building a popular profile are as follows.

Use the right hashtags

Since the introduction of the platform, the use of hashtags on Instagram has been essential to build a profile that can easily be found. Hashtags are certain “search words” that have to be placed below or in the comments of your Instagram posts. These hashtags should be diverse and related to your post. Some hashtags are trending and therefore very popular. Using these hashtags is good for your posts’ findability, but it might also have negative aspects since these hashtags are so widely used that your post might be on top of the lists for only seconds.

Therefore, it is necessary to use a good mix of both trending and less popular hashtags.

Post interesting content

To become popular on Instagram, it is necessary for people to interact with your content by liking, sharing, or reacting to your post. People will only do this if the content that you post actually stimulates them to interact. Post appealing images with descriptions that are not too long, but long enough to make people want to interact.

You can do this by asking questions, writing about trending topics, or writing texts in which you ask people to like, share, or react. Things you could post, are for example:
● Tag a friend who needs to see this post!
● React with an emoji to enter the contest!
● What is your favorite movie/book/song?
You can also increase the interaction with your profile by using the stories to host polls or hold contests or giveaways.

Know when your users are online

If you know your target group, it’s useful to find out when they are online. Instagram said in a recent post that posting when your target group is online can help increase follower interaction. There have been many studies that can be found online, that have researched when followers are online. They have shown that this is mostly when they wake up and before they go to work, around 15:00 when work starts to get slow, and before they go to sleep in the evening.

Tuesdays and weekends are popular days for users to be online as well, however, all this information differs per location. The best way to find out when your users are online is through trial and error. Try to post similar posts at different times and days and see which posts generate more interaction. Track this information and use it to your advantage.

Go live

Going live is a good way to create more interaction with your profile. When you go live, followers will get a notification and your icon will appear right at the front of everybody’s story. In this way, you don’t get lost in the numerous stories that people see in their accounts and they will be appealed to watch your live video.

It’s also very appealing for followers to react to these live videos, as it is easy and through reaction to the video they can interact with other followers who are watching it at the same time.