Old homes have personality bursting at the seems but almost always tote at least one useless fixture.

Modern appliances have developed over time to benefit our lives but to us low on time and money, renovation projects are daunting tasks.

You can learn how to modernize your home through small D.I.Y renovations that won’t break your budget. That’s why we’ve created this list of the top 6 tips to begin a modern home renovation.

1. Update the Details

Details can make or break the feel of a house. Light switch plates and outlets can yellow over time, sometimes they’ve been painted over; both can instantly make a home feel older. Updating these details is a simple and easy way to change the overall feel of your house.

2. Add Light

Darkness can create a dreary atmosphere where adding light can breathe new life. You can touch up vintage fixtures with a quick coat of spray paint, or you can add contrast and dimension by mixing modern-styled lamps to your home. This is how to modernize your home with minimal work.

3. Nurture Your Green Thumb

Landscaping is a great way to improve your homes curb appeal! Nurturing your green thumb will also help you get outside more and connect to the Earth. Planting things that naturally grow in your area is, not only, an easy way to maintain your foliage but it’s also more beneficial for the surrounding environment as opposed to introducing foreign plants to the area.

4. Enhance Your Exterior

Speaking of curb appeal, another easy way to improve this quality is by enhancing your home’s exterior. This can mean anything from updating the paint to fixing broken shingles and shutters to regularly pick up litter and debris in your yard, you can use service like this for disposal.

Outdoor Kitchen

Maintaining your home’s exterior is an easy way to increase the value on your home while also making sure it’s habitable for future generations.

5. Rework Window Treatments

If you’re leaving your windows bare you’re missing out on a whole world of design opportunity. Even is they are dressed, a window treatment upgrade can update the look of your home in a few easy steps.

Whether you go with modern made to measure curtains with funky shapes and geometrical patterns, or sheer-beachy curtains to maintain your view the new addition will change the overall feel of your home.

6. Create an Outdoor Nook

Adding some furniture to your yard or patio to make an outdoor nook will add a modern feel to your home by adding definition to your home. Even an outside rug with a few comfortable chairs is a great way to add an “extra’ room to your house which is an easy way to wow guests and add value to your home.

How to Modernize Your Home to Match Your Style

You can begin your home renovation through small changes which can change the overall feel of a design. Decide how to modernize your home by looking at design magazines for inspiration! You can’t know what to change without knowing what you want as your outcome.

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