When living in a hot climate, like Peoria, Arizona, a good furnace is essential to stay comfortable during the winter months. Unfortunately, furnaces are not immune to breakdowns and repair needs. Knowing what types of problems can arise with your furnace is key to tackling them quickly and avoiding costly repairs.

Common Furnace Problems:

1. Pilot light won’t stay on – If your pilot light will not stay lit after you have lit it multiple times, it could be due to a faulty thermocouple or gas valve solenoid coil. The thermocouple detects heat from the pilot flame and signals the gas valve to open when the furnace turns on. A broken thermocouple or faulty solenoid coil will prevent the gas valve from staying open and therefore, not allow the pilot light to stay lit. In this case, when you call a pro or schedule furnace repair in Peoria AZ, the technician may need to replace these parts.

2. No heat when the furnace is running – If you turn on your furnace but no heat is produced, it could be due to a broken blower motor or an obstruction in the air filter or ducts. A bad blower motor will not move air over the heat exchanger which heats the air that is distributed throughout your home. An obstructed air filter will also reduce airflow, causing inadequate heating of the house.

3. Thermostat won’t turn on the furnace – The most common cause of this issue is a problem with the thermostat wiring or a faulty thermostat itself. Make sure to check the wiring and batteries in your thermostat, or contact an HVAC technician for furnace repair services.

4. Furnace runs constantly – This is usually due to a malfunctioning limit switch or an incorrectly set thermostat. The limit switch turns off the burner once the house has reached its desired temperature. If this fails, it will cause the furnace to keep running past that point, wasting energy and money. Also, if you have recently changed your thermostat settings, you may need to make sure it is set correctly so that it doesn’t signal for continuous heating when not required. Furnace installation in Peoria, AZ is recommended when the limit switch or thermostat needs to be replaced.


5. Furnace turns on and off rapidly – This could be caused by a faulty limit switch, a malfunctioning thermostat, or inadequate airflow. Improper size of the ducts can cause the air to move too quickly over the heat exchanger and therefore, shut it down.

6. Strange noises coming from the furnace – Loud banging and rattling noises usually indicate a problem with the motor or fan belt. These components may need to be serviced or replaced to restore your unit’s performance. In some cases, scheduling regular maintenance visits can help reduce the risk of such issues occurring.

7. Yellow flames instead of blue – Blue flames indicate that the furnace is operating correctly, while yellow flames are a sign of incomplete combustion. This could be caused by several different issues, such as dirty burners or an incorrect air-to-gas ratio.

8. Burning smell when the furnace turns on – The most common cause of a burning smell is dust or dirt that has built up on the heat exchanger. This may require you to call an HVAC professional for furnace repair in Peoria, AZ, as it needs to be cleaned out by a technician who is experienced with such issues.

Knowing what type of issues can arise with your furnace is important for tackling them quickly and avoiding costly repairs. However, if you still experience problems after trying some of the solutions mentioned above, it’s best to contact a professional for furnace repair in Peoria, AZ. A qualified technician will be able to diagnose and fix the problem correctly so that your unit runs efficiently and safely.

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