Sous Vide is a French word that translates to “undercooking.” The process of slow cooking under hot water baths with controlled temperatures has been popular for a long time. The technique can be done at home with low-cost equipment like a top torch for Sous Vide available in home kitchens. Sous Vide is an innovative technique encompassing food in a vacuum-sealed low-temperature bag and cooking until it becomes succulent. The method is used by top chefs everywhere to enhance the food’s texture, aroma, and flavour.

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Advantages of Sous Vide

Cooks Perfectly

There is no inaccurate or accurate way of doing sous vide. Most professional chefs get it right the first time. As there are hardly any chances of getting the Sous Vide machine to go wrong, the food is always perfectly cooked. The technique does not involve guesswork, and food does not get undercooked or overcooked.


The meat or any food retains all the flavours inside the water bath with slow cooking. Slow cooking makes the food delectable and juicy with persistent flavours. As the intent of sous vide ensures that the meat is adequately cooked, the same level of cooking can be found both on the inner and outer sides of the food.

Easy and Convenient

Sous Vide is a convenient technique when compared to other methods of cooking. One needs to place all the ingredients in a plastic bag and seal it under a hot water bath. Convection steam with regulated temperatures can perfectly cook the food without external help.

Minimal Work

Vacuum-sealed packets are not harmful, and one cannot taste the plastic smell in the food. There are no affixed preservatives to extend the taste and shelf-life of the cooked food. Therefore, one can quickly get delicious food with minimal hard work.

Best Foods for Sous Vide



Steak is the most popular choice for any newbie with a sous vide machine. The steak is an excellent cut of meat, and the sous vide technique helps it shine. The water bath tenderises the beef and softens the fibre. The machine’s temperature can also be set according to the type of meat one likes. The chef can also sear the outside after sous vide to get a delicious caramelization.

Chicken, Fish, and Lamb

Portions of fish, lamb, or chicken also work wonderfully with sous vide. If one has a more significant cut of meat, slow cooking them in a hot water bath will get maximum flavours without hassle. Cheap cuts also benefit from this method.


Sous Vide can be used for making custard desserts like cheesecake, creme brulee, and flan. These desserts often run the risk of getting overcooked easily. Therefore, placing them in a sealed bag will help control the temperature and the portions. A top torch for Sous Vide can be used to get a delicious sugar caramelization over the creme brulee for that wonderful last touch. A sous vide cooker can also be used for custard ice creams and pudding.


To get maximum nutrition and flavour out of vegetables, place them in a sous vide cooker. Sous Vide can replace roasting to bring out top flavours without leaving any nutrients in the water. Root vegetables can be cooked with cream and butter for that added texture.


Risotto is a complicated recipe to cook. Therefore, instead of standing over the hot stove, placing all the ingredients in a sealed bag can do the trick. One can serve the risotto with parmesan and herbs to complete the dish.

Final Thoughts

Sous vide is an ideal machine for any professional chef to give great flavour without hassle. Moreover, you can keep trying different dishes by combining the sous vide with other cooking equipment to get a delicious outcome.