Every little boy has probably gone through his dad’s toolbox and wanted to go around the house and fix everything. Even when you are older and have your own toolbox, it may be hard to start assembling it. There are so many different tools for any type of work you need to get done, and it is hard to make a list of what are the essentials. So, hopefully, the list we have made will help in a way.

One tip when it comes to bags used by electricians is to put everything in the same place always. This helps you keep track of the tools, and know exactly where something is when you need it. The first thing you will need is nut drivers of different sizes, which are handy for any work. A couple of screwdrivers as well, and make sure you are protected from electricity when choosing which ones to get. Make sure to get screwdrivers of different shapes and sizes so you can use them in every situation.

For an electrician, one of the most important things should be a voltage multimeter, which checks for continuity, and live circuits. Adjustable wrenches, again of different sizes, should also be in bags used by electricians because with them you can get a firm grip of anything. A knife and wire cutter should also be in there. For easier access, you can get smaller tool bags that go around your waist and hold the tools that you use frequently. Most of these tools can be found at TRS Rentelco online.

A small hammer will do a great job if you need to smash or break something, so it does not even have to be of high quality. You will need pliers for stripping wire and bending them, and it has so many other purposes as well. From the simpler tools, always have a flashlight at your hand, and a few sharpies, which you can use to mark where you need to cut or drill something.

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And since we are talking about drilling, handling installations in walls is also one of the jobs of an electrician, so a drill will come in handy. Some extra wire when you need to replace the damaged ones is also a part of bags used by electricians, and you should have enough of it at all times. For protection and your safety, make sure you have protective sunglasses because anything can get in your eye, and hurt it.

Also, insulated gloves are a must, especially when working with electricity. Just in case, make sure you have the simplest first aid kit, meaning bandages, bandaids, triangular bandages, tweezers, and safety pins. If you want to invest even more money, earthing and short-circuiting kits are a great addition to any electrician’s bag.

It may seem like a lot, but if you want to be able to do all kinds of electrical work, these are the basic tools that you will need. You can pack them in a bag, or what’s even more practical in a specialized backpack so your hands are free at all times, and it is easier for you to carry it.