Unlike humans, home appliances have no way of speaking out when feeling discomfort. However, for your boiler, you may notice strange things like foul smell, loud noises, leaks, ineffectiveness, and lots more.

If you notice any of these indications but keep ignoring them, they can become major problems that will cost a lot to repair or replace. So, it’s important to keep a monitoring eye on your boiler.

In this article, we will go over the top signs that indicate your boiler may need to be repaired. By understanding these signs, you will be able to determine if it is necessary to hire a professional service for boiler repair in London in order to address any issues with your system. This will ensure that your boiler is functioning properly and efficiently, and will also help to prevent any potential safety hazards or costly breakdowns in the future.

Top signs that you should call for boiler service repair


1. Funny Sounds

A lot of times, home appliances make funny sounds that are strange and this suggests there’s a problem somewhere. Likewise your boiler. Aside from the normal sound that you hear whenever the boiler is on, other sounds like banging, kettling, or parts clunking together are an indication your equipment needs quick attention.

While this may be a result of little issues like excessive buildup of limescale, it can be a sign showing something serious like a pressure problem as well.

2. Yellow flame

If your boiler produces a yellow flame instead of blue when working, then put a call through to a boiler repair service immediately. Not only does this indicate a fault in your boiler, but it also circulates harmful air around your home. The yellow flame is a sign of incomplete combustion and shouldn’t be ignored at all.

3. Age

As your boiler gets old, there are lots of issues you’ll have to deal with. The constant use over the years will wear the major parts out and it may be giving signs showing an urgent need for repair.

Regardless of the number of times your boiler service comes for a maintenance check, you have to invite them for a complete overhauling of the appliance. When the repairs are done perfectly, you get to use your boiler for a longer period.

4. Longer heating period

When your boiler takes more time to get heated up, then something is wrong. The average time most boilers get heated ranges between 10 to 20 minutes.

However, it becomes a point of concern when you have to hold on for about an hour to make use of the boiler. Most times, this malfunctioning occurs as a result of sludge buildup and while you may want to manage it for some time, it can lead to more serious problems in the boiler.

5. Unequal circulation of heat in the home

When you notice your boiler becoming ineffective in keeping your home warm, then it’s time to call for a check-up. As the winter season is coming in London, you have to make use of your boiler often.

With the intense cold, your boiler should be able to keep your home warm. But, a faulty boiler would only keep working without giving the needed temperature, so get it fixed right away.

6. Pipes Freezing

Putting a boiler on during the cold season is expected to contribute to keeping the pipes warm and free from freezing over the night. But when you notice your pipes freezing constantly, something is wrong with the system.

This shows an inability of the equipment to circulate heat in the home and it should be fixed immediately to avoid excessive spending on repairs.

7. Extravagant energy bills

With the energy crisis London is experiencing now, you need to save costs as much as possible. But a faulty boiler would only make your efforts futile and accumulates extremely extravagant payments to be made.

Well, if you’re not so familiar with the process, check your ERP list for the rating. When you get an A-rating, it’s an indication your energy level is efficient, but a G-rating is a sign of less than 70 per cent efficiency. So, when there’s a spike in the energy level, check for faults in your boiler especially when it’s old.

8. Inconsistent water temperature

The aim of putting a boiler on is to circulate hot/warm water in the shower, faucet or wherever you desire. However, when the water starts running and comes with an inconsistent temperature, your boiler is faulty.

You have to call your boiler repair service and explain the inconsistency of the water from the boiler for a proper understanding. Most times, it requires little checks and adjustments, however, serious repairs may be required when you’ve ignored the signs for too long.

9. Foul smell from the boiler

If you’ve been perceiving a foul smell in your home for some time without finding the cause, you may want to check your boiler. Once the smell is traced to the boiler, call a professional for proper checks immediately as it could be a gradual leak of dangerous carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide has been classified as one of the poisonous air which can cause harm to the human body when inhaled. So, act immediately. :

10. Leakages

When you notice a leak from your boiler, it’s a sign of a fault and shouldn’t be managed. The leakage from the boiler isn’t just saying there’s a fault, it could lead to you vacating the home for some days when it becomes a big trouble.

It starts from a little drop here and there which eventually becomes a full-blown problem like causing mould growth on the walls or even weakening your home building. Get it fixed immediately.

11. Incessant repair calls

If you’ve been spending more than your income on boiler repair, then this is an indication there’s more to the fault. Specifically, it’s the fault of the repair company as they may be quite incompetent to handle the issues.

So, when your boiler starts acting funny, reach out for a repair service, however, ensure you’re working with the best company around you.


You have read about the top signs that show that your boiler is faulty. Unlike most individuals, you should understand that managing the equipment after showing these signs is very dangerous.

If you have noticed any of the signs that your boiler may be faulty, it is important to address the issue as soon as possible to avoid any potential safety hazards or costly breakdowns. A reliable and experienced heating engineer in London is essential for properly repairing your boiler – gasboilerandheatingrepair.co.uk is a trusted choice for any boiler repair needs. Located at 49 Pendragon Rd, Bromley BR1 5JZ, United Kingdom, Gas Boiler & Heating Repair LTD can be reached by phone at +44 7795 034003. Don’t hesitate to give them a call to have your boiler checked by a professional and get it running smoothly again.