The choice of sneakers is one of the most important secondary things that we have to think about. It might not be as important as the choice of your hairstyle, but damn if it isn’t still important. The shoes tell a lot about a person, and the word on the street is that plenty of people judge a person based on the shoes that they’re wearing. Now, let’s put all of the nice and elegant shoes aside, and focus on sneakers. What sneakers are right for you? There are so many different styles and choices on the market, so it is rather difficult to choose one brand. Take a look at why every single guy should focus their attention on getting New Balance sneakers:

1. They’re super popular

Obviously, the first reason for buying a piece of clothing or a new pair of shoes is its popularity. Everyone is raving about New Balance shoes, and it’s not for nothing. They are everywhere lately and you will be able to see them on the delivery guys that come bringing the parcels to plenty of millennial businessmen who like to rock the athleisure style.

As in every other aspect of fashion, the popularity of brands change, and now it’s time to focus a bit on New Balance.

2. They’re extremely versatile

New Balance

Speaking of athleisure style, it’s one of the most popular trends right now, and it’s also a trend that will not go away that easily. When you think of the ‘60s you think of a specific type of fashion, when you think of the ‘80s you think of the denim jeans and leather jacket, so athleisure will go down in history as the style of the ‘10s.

New Balance shoes are great for this trend as they do embrace everything that can match well with both sporty clothes and with elegant ones. These shoes have a simple look, yet they do have that aesthetic pizzazz that we are looking for in shoes, so you can wear them with sweatpants while going for a jog, but also pair them with elegant pants and a shirt.

3. They’re rather comfortable and durable

Apart from buying shoes that are popular and fashionable, one does really need to pay attention to comfort. Guys are even more active than girls – they walk a lot, play a lot of sports, and they do not really like having anything uncomfortable on their feet (might this be the reason why guys do not wear heels?).

So, if you’re looking for shoes that are super comfortable and that will make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud, then you should consult good sneaker reviews and find out what people have to say.

Most of them will agree that New Balance shoes are amongst the most comfortable of them all. Getting blisters while walking, wearing shoes that limit your step or that are too tight is never an option, so it’s safe to say that they’re a great investment as they are also very durable.

4. They can match any style

New Balance

Even if you’re not into the athleisure style and you are generally not wearing sneakers with your suits, do not worry, as this brand really does its best to please all of their end-consumers.

New Balance shoes can come in different styles that will match your personality regardless of what it is. For example, if you like to rock some retro-chic, then it will be easy for you to find retro sneakers to go with your clothes.

Not only will you be able to fit them into the ‘00s and ‘90s era, but if you think outside of the box, you can channel some ‘80s and ‘70s vibes as well. Discover additional New Balance shoes at GOAT and Flight Club.

5. They’re all over Instagram

It rarely happens that one piece of clothing can be so photogenic. The truth is that all new clothes and shoes look good on a photograph, but there’s something special with this brand.

Guys are, in general, less obsessed with Instagram than girls, but then again, we all like to have a feed that other people will be jealous of. The power of the N in a photograph is very strong indeed, and if you have the option to be a bit different and step away from the usual brands and buy something else that’s equally high-quality and pretty, why not?

There are many reasons why you should opt for this brand, but in the end, it’s your choice. Ask people around you, try to get word of mouth, and you will see that you cannot go wrong with these.