The average American spends a mere 17 minutes per day reading for pleasure.

This figure is a shame, considering all of the benefits that a good book can have. And that’s why you’re here — you want to know why reading is good for you.

We think all of the advantages will be enough to inspire you to crack open that book. Here’s what you should know.

1. Reading Boosts Your Vocabulary

When you stumble across a new word in a book, you will do one of two things. You’ll read around it for context to derive the meaning for the unknown term. Or, you’ll whip out your phone and look up the definition.

Either way, you’ll be learning a new word. And, once you do, you can add it to your vocabulary, which will continue to grow as you read more.

2. Reading Sharpens Your Concentration

You can’t mindlessly scroll through your phone while you’re reading. Instead, you have to look at the pages and pay attention.

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In a world that’s becoming more and more digital, you can see why leisure reading is as essential as ever. It helps remind you how to concentrate as reading stimulates and sharpens your brain.

3. Reading Boosts Your Imagination

Not all books will broaden your imagination – visit for the factual folios you need for your studies.

However, as you dive into a novel, you’ll start picturing the people and places about which you’re reading. And painting these mental pictures will only stoke your imaginative powers, which may have lost steam as you’ve aged. Back to dreaming!

4. Reading Reduces Stress and Depression

We’re not suggesting you start reading self-help books to feel better. Some say this type of text can make people feel worse, after all.


Instead, when you start reading — and getting really into — a novel, your mind goes somewhere else. Gone are the pressures and stresses of your daily life. Forgetting about them for just a moment can make you feel much less anxious and depressed.

5. Reading Makes You a Better Writer

Struggling to type that work email? Reading can help with that.

As you get through more and more books, you’ll start to pick up on the authors’ tricks and talents. You may not be a novelist by the end of it. But you’ll know your way around words — and you’ll be a better writer for it.

6. Reading Helps You Snooze

Looking at your phone before bed can negatively affect your sleep. Books have the opposite effect.

Remember how we said that reading could help fight depression and stress? Well, warding off those sentiments just before bed can help you ease into a restful snooze. No more nights spent tossing and turning, wondering what the future will bring.


Instead, stick your nose in a book and read until your eyelids feel heavy. Then, go to sleep — and see just how much easier it is.

Why Reading is Good For You — It Improves the Mind

From stress to sleep to vocabulary to concentration, a good book can help you in so many areas. You know that now, and you can confidently reply when someone asks why reading is good for you. In short, it improves the mind — so, crack open a good book and start bettering your brain today.

But if you have tough time choosing the proper title, you can never go wrong with some of the books recommended by the people you can trust – experts in their fields.